Care to “sign” a petition and “Stand with Scott Walker”?

Walker went from calling Judge Juan Colas a “liberal activist judge” to just “an activist judge” in a new online petition.

Reality has a pretty liberal slant. I can understand the confusion. But seriously, Gov, [and now suspend disbelief momentarily as we pretend I would actually speak to Scott Walker] I read through the judge’s decision on WI Act 10/32. I’m no lawyer but ya don’t have to be to figure out that he DID give your minions at the D.O.J. a win on two of their arguments.

Was Judge Colas overcome by a wave of conservativism in those moments — perhaps absorbing a powerful FOX news broadcast through metal fillings in his teeth? I know it sounds like bullshit but when in Rome Fitzwalkerstan do as the Fitzwalkerstanis do — as my Dad never said.

About the petition:
Here it is.

Now don’t get ideas about putting in fake names like Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler in here. We’ll need to do a public information request on this very important effort.

I say that because we will all need to know who’s stupid enough to believe that both the Wisconsin and United States constitutions can be rewritten by online petition.

Petition Text: “An activist judge in Madison chose to put politics ahead of your votes by striking down Governor Walker’s good government budget reforms. When the big special interests lose at the ballot box they turn to activist judges to legislate from the bench. The fight to defend the Wisconsin taxpayer is not over, and you have another chance to make your voice heard loud and clear. Please sign this petition today to stand with Governor Walker and his reforms that are working for Wisconsin families.”

Interesting Side Note About Wisco Lawyers:
A little bird over at wikipedia told me that you don’t have to pass the bar to practice law in Wisconsin! Just get your papers at Marquette or UW-Madison and you’re good to go. Sweet deal!


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