New logo for USA Today, A Gannett Company

Presenting – – — the new USA Today logo!


For comparison’s sake, here is the old one:

I can see why things needed to be changed. The old logo suggests that one might find valuable global news in the USA Today. The new logo suggests that management is laying off staff so rapaciously that they forgot to keep a graphics department.

I’m not being entirely fair. The newspaper calls the new logo, “A dynamic new logo that will be used to express USA TODAY’s editorial spirit.” And in a Stephen Colbert episode we see him hold up a copy of the paper with a dynamic round RED dot wearing a cowboy hat for the sports section!! See how clever that is? The dot can change color and wear hats.

That’s not just dynamic, that’s stylish.

But if USA Today were to go with Michael Martin‘s version, the dot could wear pants:

USA today logo spoof by Michael Martin

I am no artist, but I want to contribute something new here. Looking at the original logo’s signature, I see, ‘A GANNETT COMPANY’.

Could we jazz up that signature line a little by adding,
“Kissing corporate ass since 1906”?

That was way too easy (And juvenile. Sorry. I live in Fitzwalkerstan. Cut me some slack).

Submit your own witty tagline suggestions in comments. You might get a few ideas from the Stephen Colbert segment. Skip forward to the 1:16 spot to get his scoop on the logo.:


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