The subpoena we’ve all been waiting for: Walker to testify Oct. 16

Defense attorney Franklyn Gimbel has issued a summons for Governor Scott Walker to appear in Milwaukee County court at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 16 in the trial of his former deputy chief of staff, Kelly Rindfleisch.

I’m giddy as a school girl at the thought of him taking the stand even though I expect much of what Walker will say is “I didn’t know about that” or “I can’t remember”. That’s what his great hero Ronald Reagan repeated during the Iran Contra scandal investigation, as I remember.

Rindfleisch was first charged in February and she – or her lawyers – have repeatedly asserted that she could carry legal immunity from a decade-old legislative caucaus scandal to the present.

Ufortunately for Rindfleisch, legal immunity simply can’t be stored in tupperware and kept fresh for future felony investigations.

Rindfleisch has been charged with 4 felony counts of “misconduct in public office” for alleged illegal campaign work conducted during the time Walker was Milwaukee County Executive.

Rindfleisch used a secret 3G network set up by Tim Russell who presumably intended to avoid public information requests.

From Cap Times
“Prosecutors say Rindfleisch spent “significant time” doing political campaign work for Davis while working for the county. The criminal complaint against her investigation uncovered 1,380 fundraising emails sent or received by Rindfleisch during normal work hours. Investigators also uncovered about 300 emails between Rindfleisch and Davis and more than 1,000 between her and members of Walker’s campaign staff, including spokeswoman Jill Bader and campaign manager Keith Gilkes.
Rindfleisch told a friend that “half of what I’m doing is policy for the campaign,” during an Internet chat…”

At that time Davis was a GOP state representative from the village of Oregon running for lieutenant governor.

Brett Davis is now the Wisconsin Medicaid Director handling 10% of the state’s budget. His boss is Dennis Smith, the man semi-famous for suggesting we eliminate Medicare and the state official who now is allegedly linked in an affair with a staff member.

This January blue cheddar post has a link to Rindfleisch’s full criminal complain as well as more John Doe investigation background.

Some info in this post came from the W.S.J. article “Walker subpoenaed in former staffer’s trial”


8 thoughts on “The subpoena we’ve all been waiting for: Walker to testify Oct. 16

  1. As Scott Walker has claimed he has always cooperated with this process, it will be interesting to see him on the witness stand: just wondering if he’ll try to plead the 5th to hard, sensitive questioning.
    I suppose he’s entitled to do that, BUT will it help him help Kavanaugh in a jury trial? Remember, Scott can’t lie on the witness stand, he’s under oath. Get caught lying, you go straight to jail yourself.
    I don’t think the jury would appreciate Scott Walker pleading the 5th as being honest and truthful. It would put red flag questions in the minds of jurors, which doesn’t equate to positive votes by the jury on Kavanaugh’s fate.
    Kavanaugh gets convicted; just another witness for Scott Walker’s trial…

    • And the same 11:38 statement above applies to the Kelly Rindfleisch and Tim Russell trials.
      Kavanaugh, Rindfleisch and Russell convicted–and Darlene Wink, too–will be powerful evidence under oath in Scott “John Doe” Walker’s proceeding. Justice will be served on Scott Walker!

    • “wondering if he’ll try to plead the 5th” I think you’ve explained very nicely why he won’t do that. That he will boldly lie or “I can’t remember” out of whatever is presented. You think the danger of getting caught lying has some power over him. You are speaking of a highly skilled liar. He’s sweating a little but only a little.

  2. “… legal immunity simply can’t be stored in tupperware and kept fresh for future felony investigations.”


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