Tammy vs. Tommy: Debate Thursday Oct 18 7PM Cen.

The feline featured above comes from ClassWarKitteh.org.

Yes. Bring on another debate!
This will be Tammy Baldwin’s 2nd try at debating Tommy Thompson. Unfortunately, much like President Obama, Tammy Baldwin wasn’t on her game during the first run. Hopefully we’ll see her come back with a stronger performance just as we saw President Obama do on the national stage. After tonight there will be yet 1 more Tammy vs. Tommy debate – October 26th.

The verbal sparring starts at 7 p.m. Central and takes place in Wausau at the UW-Marathon County campus.

You can tune-in online here:
WPR radio
TMJ4 video

Based on this recently released ad, I think Tammy Baldwin is itching to discuss Tommy’s ties to big pharma and medical companies.

Basics on that Tommy Thompson-Pharma Situation: It Started with The Part D Bill

The quick and dirty story is that Tommy Thompson was the director of Health and Human Services under George Dubbya. Tommy helped Dubbya carve out an exclusion for prescription drugs in the Medicare program for “The part D bill”. Basically Medicare is a huge bulk purchase of healthcare for America’s seniors age 65 and older. By excluding drugs from Medicare, Tommy took away the opportunity for taxpayers to negotiate for a good deal on drugs for seniors and he left the opportunity for Big Pharma to get more money in its pocket – which takes money out of our pocket.

Public to Private
After Tommy left that job, he passed through the typical DC revolving door into consultancy where private industry got to benefit from all of his inside connections. BoldProgressive has the details on his role as privateer.

It will be simply ludicrous if we let Tommy go through that revolving door and back in again to supposedly “serve” our public interests. I don’t want to see that happen.

Here’s Tammy Baldwin’s campaign site where you can chip in a couple of bucks if you have the means or at minimum give her your email so you’re in the loop (thanks).

Debate Hosts:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Today’s TMJ4, the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

Above illustration comes from the amazing DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons use.


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