Medicaid Mobster: Logisticare neglects the ill. You and I foot the bill.

There’s a transportation provider called Logisticare in Wisconsin and 37 other states that has become rather large and rather notorious.

If you are poor, disabled, and you need kidney dialysis treatment, then you are likely in need of Logisticare’s services and your health – maybe your very life – could be in danger right now due to this company’s neglect.

I’m deliberately trying to get you to think of dialysis in connection with Logisticare and I realize this skews the story a bit. I do this because a man in need of dialysis died in Waupaca County in large part due to the negligence of Logisticare [The struggle to keep Jim Barry alive was chronicled at Waupaca Now]. In reality, all Wisconsin people who are covered by Medicaid and Badgercare Plus are the people potentially “served” by Logisticare and those folks in reality suffer from a wide range of medical conditions.

Those Wisconsinites can wait for 4 hours at a time sometimes to finally get a ride from Logisticare or to get no ride at all and either way, Logisticare gets its money. LogistiCare is paid per member and not by how many rides it provides and typically complaints go directly to Logisticare and no other entity. That’s a real shame because Wisconsin is locked into a 3-year contract with Logisticare 2011 – 2013 at the cost of about about $40 million a year. Logisticare is a wholy owned subsidiary of PRSC

It sickens me to think that this privatized non-service would be profiting handsomely from the misery of the sick and poor.

I fully realize that what I just wrote is going to sound unduly harsh if you haven’t read the umpteen articles already written about Logisticare’s bad business practices in Wisconsin – and across the nation. But what I just wrote is going to seem tame if you HAVE read them.

There oughtta be a law somewhere.

According to the blog Voices, there ARE a few laws on the books that address such neglectful service by a company that receives Medicaid dollars.

Please read on at “LogistiCare is Breaking the Law in Wisconsin: More Walker “Divide and Conquer”?”


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