Aha! The missing video of Pres. Clinton’s Green Bay speech

David Firestone called Bill Clinton’s Oct. 19 Green Bay speech, “the dream speech of a policy wonk, but Mr. Clinton never assumed that the details would bore a general audience, and they did not.” When I read that, I really wanted to see it.

I searched and searched, but could not find an archived video of the speech in full and I gave up. Maybe I just looked too early.

Thanks go to my Fox Valley pal Mary for sharing the full 55 minute video from WBAY with me when she found it. If you don’t have 55 minutes to watch a speech – and who does – then try just 4 1/2 minutes of Bill Clinton explaining changes in student loan law that let students with debt stay in fields that reward their hearts more than their pocket books.

Backup link to Bill Clinton Green Bay video 4 1/2 min.

That 4 1/2 minutes might be of special interest to the students from UW Eau Claire who will be listening to former President Clinton tonight at the Ramada on Barstow at 6:15PM.

Not surprised if you didn’t hear about it given that details just came out on that this morning! I still await time/place on Clinton’s Waukesha visit tomorrow.

I have taken the liberty of reprinting a portion of Firestone’s NYTimes article below the video.

Footnote: Check out this listing for info on Pres. Obama’s Thursday visit in Green Bay and VP Biden’s Friday stops in Wisconsin.

Direct link to a full 55 minute video of the speech.

October 20, 2012
Bill Clinton in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Get-out-the-vote events are usually as full of substance as high school pep rallies. But the guest speaker had other plans.

Bill Clinton took the stage at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on Friday night and delivered an hour-long education in the real issues at stake in this election. He talked about Medicaid and financial reform and the student loan system with an appreciation for the granular not usually displayed by the man he was stumping for, President Obama.

It was the dream speech of a policy wonk, but Mr. Clinton never assumed that the details would bore a general audience, and they did not. The 2,200 people packed into the Kress Events Center – mostly students, whose flagging enthusiasm Mr. Obama desperately needs in this contested swing state – soaked up the details, laughing and applauding through discussions of derivatives, visibly grateful for a speaker who didn’t condescend to them with the usual platitudes.

All his familiar rhetorical devices were there: the mustering of vast quantities of numbers and statistics to convey gravity, the bent-finger wagging, the dramatic flares like “I want you to listen to this.” They were put to use for what he called “a little walk down fact lane,” as he eviscerated some of the Romney-Ryan ticket’s “greatest hits.”

Continue reading Firestone’s piece at Bill Clinton in Green Bay


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