Root River Siren Report: Romney poll observer training in Wisconsin

Kristina Sesek is in Wisconsin giving what Root River Siren calls “incorrect, illegal and just creepy poll observation tips” to poll observers on behalf of the Romney campaign.

R.R.Siren sat in on a session and obtained Sesek’s training materials which tell the trainees to:

*Misrepresent themselves by saying they are “concerned citizens”, not Republicans or Romney supporters.

*Exceed their role as observers to demand information about the documents voters bring and speak to the voters using poll workers as proxies.

Sesek also gave the volunteers incorrect information about
*The use of drivers license numbers and registration documents.
*When a provisional ballot must be used.
*Felons and voting.

There’s much more. Please proceed to Voter Fraud Squad: Romney Hires Beauty Queen To Train WI Poll Observers and let Root River Siren give you the full details including documents and audio recordings.

If you’d like a simple and handy comparison of the Romney version of voting facts as opposed to actual Wisconsin law, see Think Progress.

If you are interested in becoming a poll observer, or supporting the work of non-partisan poll observers in Wisconsin, I suggest a visit to the League of Women Voters web site for their Election Observer Volunteer Form.


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