Clinton delivered 4 speeches across Iowa and Wisconsin on the 31st + 1 more. From the car.

Unless otherwise noted, the images you’ll see below are from the photographer and videographer Art Juchno.

I was one of the people getting word out that Bill Clinton would swing into Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the last minute on the 31st to campaign for President Obama, but I could not get up there to see him. I contented myself to seeing what updates I could get through the computer.

One of the zany and just right things that I noticed that night was this tweeted pic of an impromptu speech Clinton delivered to 500 people who couldn’t fit into the 2nd floor ballroom of the Ramada Inn.

Today I found the video.
He used the secret service’s car loudspeaker which he told the crowd he’d never used before to speak. Not sure I can believe that. The guy just loves campaigning.

This car speech was delivered after he’d already visited Mason City, Council Bluffs, and Waterloo in Iowa that day and after he’d just delivered his speech inside the Ramada.

I will never have this much energy.

Here are just a few minutes of his main speech:

Here’s the full video:


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