Madeline Island sings for you! You can sing too Monday night in Madison

As most of this blog’s readers know the Solidarity Sing Along is an act of song and defiance that’s been taking place in Wisconsin’s Capitol building rotunda and on her square since March 11th of 2011.

[You’re a brand new out-of-state reader? See history at bottom.]

Now the joyous act of rebellion has reached a new milestone: 500 sings. To mark the event, folks around the state are staging their own special sings AND there’s a huge sing along event at the High Noon Monday night in Madison [see details grabbed from a facebook event listing below]

I think I’ll be able to get some photos or footage of a few more of these renegade statewide sings but for the moment, I present just a lovely round of This Land is Your Land direct to us from the tippity top of our state: Madeleine Island.

I especially love the moments when they’re singing:
This house is your house.
This house is my house!
From the rotunda
to the Governor’s office!
Scott Walker…
Will never push us out!
This house was made for you and me!

Thanks go to Barbara With and the gang for shouting to the treetops! You inspire!

Solidarity Sing Along #500 Peace & Freedom Fest hosted by the Solidarity Sing Along
facebook event link HERE
Monday 7:00pm
High Noon Saloon
701 A E. Washington Ave.,
Madison, Wisconsin

The eve of Election Day!

Featuring: Solidarity Sing Along, The Learning Curve, The Parentheticals, Forward! Marching Band, The Raging Grannies, Madison Song Circle, Yid Vicious, Shine Guerrilla Projection Squad, and much more!

7:00pm: Yid Vicious
7:45pm: Forward! Marching Band
8:30pm: Raging Grannies

Amsterdam Madison will be selling a wide variety of Solidarity merchandise (shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.) at the celebration.

There is a suggested $5 donation for this event. If you are unable to pay, you are still more than welcome to come. Every single person is invited to the party. Please consider paying the $5 if you can. Don’t even think twice about it if you can’t. Thanks!

Please invite friends!

The History
A group of loosely affiliated Wisconsinites meets just about every weekday at noon at Wisconsin’s Capitol building. The group sings popular folk tunes with lyrics reworked to comment on the reality of life under the current Tea Party administration.

This is the funnest choir I’ve ever had a chance to be a part of. All you do is sing. There is no practicing 1 phrase to get it perfect. That being said, has made the group sound darn near perfect anyway.
The regular performances continue despite the fact that a new Capitol police chief, David Erwin, has ordered that “leaders” of the leaderless Solidarity Singalong are to be ticketed. Many singers who are not deemed leaders by police are also ticketed if they bring a sign.

You can see a selection of their songs on WNPJ’s site which sponsors the sings and you can download your own PDF copy of their songbook.

You can also purchase a fantastically produced CD of their works at CD Baby or on amazon.

Solidarity Sing Along posts from days gone by . . .
Capitol police deliver tickets to sign-holders at home and workplace 9/11/12

Rights and Recall Carols in the Rotunda 12/20/11

Conservatives take the rotunda. Solidarity singers sing outside. A good time was had by all. 06/28/11

You are now free to be ejected from the political process. 05/18/11


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