Predictions from Caffeinated Politics: Presidential, US Senate, and More

With pleasure I am giving the great Wisconsin blog Caffeinated Politics and Deke Rivers a bit of additional exposure here. I really enjoy his regular prognostications both because the guy knows his politics and he knows how to write.

In this post, he predicts the outcomes of the Presidential race plus U.S. Senate races in

He also gives you his feeling on who will get the majority in the Wisconsin state legislature.

“Every presidential election since 1980 I have written down my predictions for what I thought the final outcome would be when the balloting was completed. I know there are fancier ways using graphics to make my predictions more ‘presentable’, but find myself using the same basic outline as I did when Ronald Reagan first won the White House.

In 1980 I used typing paper, and made my predictions at the family kitchen table in Hancock. Now I live in Madison, work off a computer, and people smile when I even say ‘typing paper’. For better or worse, every four years I just have fun doing this. And after this election cycle filled with so much meanness, money, and rhetoric I grab all the fun that can be held….”

Keep on reading Predictions For 2012 Presidential Election, United States Senate, And Other Races right HERE.


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