Totally worth it: Road trip to GOTV in Columbia County, Wisconsin


I got a note about getting out the vote in Columbia County on facebook.  After checking the numbers, I’d say YES – it is worth a person’s time to help out in Columbia County especially if that person’s thinking they want to get out of deepest blue Dane County.

“FYI – A Big GOTV effort is being made in Columbia County.
Don’t think your volunteer time can make a difference? The AP News said that Columbia County is one of the 106 counties that will decide this election! Volunteer in the Columbia County Democratic offices and make a big impact in the outcome of this election!”

As you see in the chart below, Columbia Co. did side with Walker in 2010 just a bit but in 2012 when these voters had a chance to recall Walker, Barrett got 3,056 more votes.

It’s an especially hopeful trend when you contrast rural Columbia County with other rural Wisconsin counties that previously sided with Obama.  For example, Chippewa County gave Obama about 3,000 votes in 08 then slipped into Walker’s pocket in 10 and it fell much harder for the Tool in Chief in 2012.

Lower Turnout? Will it bounce back?

Obama got a whopping 16,661 votes in this county in ’08 and obviously the turnout wasn’t as strong in 2012 despite recall fever. A reminder that the time of year was quite different – – June is just not November.  Now that it IS November, I think turnout will bump up and a trek to Lodi, Portage, or Columbus is totally worth it.

I’ve included maps to the 3 GOTV sites suggested below the chart.

Godspeed GOTV volunteers.


Dem vs. GOP vote 08,10,12. Obama,McCain/Barrett,Walker/Barrett,Walker

In the June 2012 recall election, a total of 26,172 people voted in Columbia County. 13,070 voted for Barrett and 12,912 voted for Walker.

In the 2010 election for governor, 21,385 people voted in Columbia Co. and 10,014 of them voted for Barrett, 11,059 voted for Walker.

In the 2008 presidential election, 29,272
voted in Columbia Co. 16,661 voted for Obama and 12,193 voted for McCain.

3 Columbia County Democratic Party offices:
• Lodi
105 S. Main St, Lodi, 608-556-4021

• Portage
216 W Wisconsin Ave, Portage 608-697-6466
Every day 9a to 9p

• Columbus
159 E. James, Columbus, 608-617-8944


Source for #’s: Government Accountability Board


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