Fox News festival of election night failure

Caricature of O’Relly is by DonkeyHotey, creative commons use.

Last night while Fox News was spinning on the floor like a toddler refusing to leave WalMart, I was happily bouncing between twitter and facebook. You might have had better things to do too.

So I gathered what I could locate of the faux news troupe’s delightfully pained broadcast right here.

I’ll also leave a link here for Andrew O’Hehir’s excellent play-by-play of the evening:  “Fox News’ dark night of the soul“.
And I’ll also leave you Andrew Sullivan’s brilliant FOX-inspired piece Will The Right’s Fever Break? Ctd

Some of the moments are missing, but I trust that we’ll see more video of FOX failure popping up on YouTube momentarily.

Update: Here’s Jon Stewart delighting in their delicious failings, as well. 🙂

Update: Found the infamous Bill O’Reilly comment.

Here’s the dawning of reality for the FOX pundits. Their … pauses… suggest that… it’s very.. . . .hard to take.

Update: Located Sarah Palin unveiling her new 80’s hair-do and talking to Greta Van Cistern. She calls Obama’s reelection a
“catastrophic setback to our economy”

Here are the moments when Karl Rove refuses to accept FOX NEWS’ own projected win for Obama because there just have to be more Republican votes floating out there in Ohio.



Here Ms. Kelly takes a cameraman back to the “Decision Desk” with her to find out why those numbers guys couldn’t cook up a win for Romney.

It becomes apparent that Megyn doesn’t realize that these guys are talking about actual votes at the 1:35 mark:

“Is this possible an exit poll thing?  Like I know this is raw vote but the exit polls were so wrong in 2004 and….”  It’s as if she’s thinking that if she keeps on asking about numbers at new angles then suddenly these guys will say “OH! We forgot! Right! Exit polls! We never thought of what you’re saying!”

Update – more found video: Following Ms. Kelly’s visit to the bowels of the FOX NEWS number crunching chamber, chief master of arithmetic, Michael Barone, sat with Karl Rove to run through the math.

Megyn Kelly facetiously calls their conversation “Cage Match 2012”. It’s so awful that I started to feel bad for these people for being stuck in this debacle with Karl Rove. Then I remembered that they willingly work for Rupert Murdoch and FOX NEWS. Right-o. I change my mind/heart. They deserved their misery.


Update: Another find. Krauthammer says Obama has no mandate and “He is not instinctively a moderate. I think he is a man of the Left and he will try to push his agenda through with what he thinks is a mandate … ”

So funny. Fox pundits tell us Obama’s a big LEFTIE. Meanwhile much of The Left calls Obama a right wing Democrat.


Karl needs to turn his frown upside down.



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