Wisconsin Soap Box on the 18th District State Senate Race, Jessica King vs. Rick Gudex

This is an excerpt from a recent post at the blog Wisconsin Soap Box called “Wednesday Evening Quarterbacking… The Election”. This portion is republished here with the permission of the blogger. The reader should note that Jessica King is not conceding to Gudex until the final canvass of votes is completed. It’s expected that will be done sometime on the evening of November 12th.

“Look, there was never any doubt that with who the Democrats had running in the 12th District to replace retiring Senator Jim Holperin, that the only shot they had to remain even remotely relevant was holding on to Senator Jessica King’s seat in the 18th District. Sadly, as of right now the vote margin is at 590 votes in favor of the Republican, Fond du Lac City Council President Rick Gudex. The redistricting certainly didn’t help King, but the fact of the matter is that this seat has been close in the last few years and King worked the district relentlessly over the last two years in order to be highly visible. Her loss is 100% indicative of the fact that: a) Outside spending going HANDILY to Republicans still matters, especially on local elections, and b) The Democratic Party of Wisconsin doesn’t have it’s stuff together. I echo the sentiment of Jeff Simpson @ Cognitive Dissidence: Mike Tate has to go.

The fact that the only radio advertising you heard, even up til 7:54 pm on election night, was for Gudex should have been an omen. Where was the state party in this race? Seriously?! The fact that the Republican Party was able to effectively organize this area to instill a non-college graduated #batshitcrazy idea, Tea Party-esque WMC foot soldier, in the State Senate scares me. What scares me even more is the fact that they did it by taking it from a person who is the embodiment of someone who works hard, succeeds based on their hard work, but recognizes that the Government helped her and her family out along the way.

Hey Wisconsin Progressives/Democrats/Liberals… Quit thinking that party politics doesn’t matter. Damn it, if you’re not a member of the political party join! If you are a member, I think it’s time that we demand more from the leadership and turn it over. Mr. Tate has done amicable, but the day is new and it’s time to come back with a fresh start.”

Read the post in full at Wednesday Evening Quarterbacking… The Election


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