Wisconsin education action: urge your legislators to support “Fair Funding for Our Future” and “A Penny for Kids”

The following comes to us from Heather DuBois Bourenane and the blog Monologues of Dissent:

In recent weeks, Scott Walker has been bragging left and right that education will be his “laser focus” for the next biennial budget (having stripped his promise of creating 500,000 jobs from his website and moved on to new things, I suppose), and we all know what he means by “education reform:” CUTS to public funds for public ed and INCREASES in public funding to education privatization ventures.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Superintendent of Education, Tony Evers, has launched a campaign for both reelection and support of his own proposal for reform in education funding, a program he calls “Fair Funding for Our Future.” This plan, in conjunction with “A Penny for Kids,” which proposes a one-cent sales tax increase to directly support public education, could restore school funding to a level that ensures success for all students. The Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, with the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, has put out a call to action…

Please continue reading at “Call to Wisconsin Legislators: Reinvest in Public Education” and take action to support public education in Wisconsin.


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