Republican governors would rather search for answers ANYWHERE but in their souls

Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says his party needs “a very serious proctology exam” to find out why they lost against Obama.

[go ahead and click it – it’s just 30 seconds]

I guess Republicans would rather search ANYWHERE but their souls.

Barbour was speaking on a panel at a Republican Governors’ Conference. Scott Walker was there as well to offer his unfettered opinion:
“I think it’s not that our beliefs are wrong,” said Walker. “I don’t think we do an effective enough job of articulating those beliefs and what it means in people’s lives.”

Walker’s communications team penned this article in advance of his visit:
Republican Soul Searching Probably Mostly Pointless
(Just kidding. That’s from FOX news.)

By the way, Walker was also elected to the post of RGA vice chairman this week.
He’ll be butting heads with Bobby Jindal who was elected to the post of Chair of RGA.

Jindal seems to be taking a more critical look at the GOP than Walker is.

Yes – it is appropriate to now guffaw at what I just wrote.

Jindal told Wolf Blitzer. “We need to stop being the dumb party… We don’t win elections by insulting voters.” He said that in response to Romney’s embarrassing Obama-gave-gifts spiel.

Check out the reaction from the progressive Louisiana blog
“Cue the studio laughter. “Stop insulting” the voters? How about a Creationist Governor, privatizing everything to benefit his rich friends, appointing only campaign donors to public boards, dishonestly using Federal money to plug the insane holes he blasts in the budget, accepting Stimulus money checks and begging for more FEMA dollars while decrying Federal spending, and slashing public hospitals and universities to the bone while claiming to improve services; how about THAT governor telling us how the GOP has to stop insulting voters.”

Jindal also told Politico shortly after Obama’s win that,
“The reality is we have to be a party of solutions and not just bumper-sticker slogans but real detailed policy solutions.”

Bumper stickers. That reminds me of something. Oh. Here it is:

I’ll share this last little bit so you know enough to spit in RGA’s general direction:
RGA was a key investor in Scott Walker’s recall victory spending a total of $5 million on 8 TV ads, 2.9 million mail pieces, early voting and GOTV efforts according to the organization’s web site.


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