It’s Black Friday. Time to support Walmart workers. Here’s how.

I went to the Supercenter on the South side of Madison. The wind was ridiculously cold but a couple of hundred people braved the situation anyway.

This video below from Sly shows the early birds walking through the store and doing a mic check:

[nggallery id=38]


Overpass Light Brigade holds light-up letters that spell "Respect the workers" in front of a Kenosha, Wisconsin Walmart. November 22, 2012

(Go all the way to the bottom of this to see the Kenosha Walmart security visit photo.)

FYI – to find up to the minute
#walmart, #walmartstrikers, and #walkoutonwalmart reporting:

Click here to see a search of the hashtag #walmartstrikers in Topsy
or try searching for #walkoutonwalmart right here
(Topsy is sort of the google of Twitter)

You can also try a search on #walmart on Topsy but it seems to be getting mucked up by spammers today.

If you said to me, “Hey.  I really need to get to the nearest Walmart.  Where do I go?” I would have to say, “I have no idea.  There’s a big one on the West side of Madison somewhere.”

Screenshot of Walmart web site which says "Black Friday just got bigger"
Bigger but in a new and different way.

I also don’t really do the Black Friday shopping thing.  I think my mom took me with her on a Black Friday excursion years ago before it was really as hyped up as it is right now and I didn’t even like THAT so I can’t imagine doing it today.

Therefore I’m not really excited about driving anywhere where there are post-Thanksgiving shoppers jockeying for parking spots BUT because I am supportive of the common American struggling to better life, and because Walmart is the largest private employer in the nation and they aggressively suppress worker organizing, and because I’ve already hated them for years for strategically shutting down main street businesses in rural Wisconsin, then I’ll do this.

If you’re not interested in braving the elements and the parking lots, your financial contribution delivered from the comfort of your computer might be a better option. That link is RIGHT HERE and it’s set up by Making Change at Walmart – “a campaign challenging Walmart to help rebuild our economy and strengthen working families. Anchored by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW), we are a coalition of Walmart associates, union members, small business owners, religious leaders, community organizations, women’s advocacy groups, multi-ethnic coalitions, elected officials and ordinary citizens who believe that changing Walmart is vital for the future of our country.”

Logistical Walmart Stuff

You can find Walmart action locations here by plugging in your city or zip code. Tip: a zip code will yield a bigger list of actions in the greater area.

Informational stuff

NLRB isn’t acting on Walmart’s complaint against strikers  in time to do anything about today.

Josh Eidelson has been a leader in reporting on developments. You can follow him on twitter and here he is talking to Amy Goodman a couple days ago. Also featured is Walmart worker and organizer, William Fletcher.

Josh Eidelson says in this interview that in public Walmart is saying that the strikers are “fringe” groups and insignificant in numbers. Meanwhile Walmart is taking workers into rooms and lecturing them about why they shouldn’t strike – suggesting that they are quite scared of the building energy around a strike action.

And about Kenosha last night

Here’s the message from Overpass Light Brigade that accompanied the above photo on their facebook page:

“This was one of three management/security guys who came up to tell us to leave. The second one stepping off the curb looks pretty pissed. They both came right up to me while I was taking pictures. “We’ll call the police right away!” the one in dark blue stated quite aggressively. I responded, “Oh my! What are we doing wrong?” “You’re causing a dangerous situation!” “Well that’s why we stopped here

, because it seems a safe place!” I told him we’d move on after some pictures. He walked away mad. More guys came out. We moved on. (Notice that we are standing in front of a Kenosha County Sheriff’s squad!)It is odd how afraid of protest people are. I figure we were offering a festive spectacle, a real plus for all of the shoppers. It is fun, if you know how to dance…”




One thought on “It’s Black Friday. Time to support Walmart workers. Here’s how.

  1. Look at all the mayhem, violence, and insanity of Black Friday crowds, that whole depraved phenomenon that WalMart hosts and promotes, and YOU GUYS were “creating a dangerous situation”? That’s richer than Thanksgiving dinner.

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