Shrum to Ron Johnson: “You lost the election, buddy”

Wisconsin Senator Ron “Pocket Constitution” Johnson got owned on television. Do you suppose he even knows it?

He’s asked by Soledad O’Brien to list 3 things he’d cut.  And if you know Ron, you can understand why he’s excited as a hungry dog waiting to be tossed a fresh steak. (You don’t suppose there is some footage from the other side so we could review his tail waggling?)

He starts with Obamacare and then aggressively rattles on a bit too long with his talking points. It does NOT play well with host nor assembled guests. Naturally the self-absorbed senator can’t pick up on any cues, he digs his illogical grave a little deeper, and then Bob Shrum can take it no longer and bluntly reminds the man that his notions on Obamacare have not a Wisconsin snowball’s chance  in hell.

JOHNSON: … Here’s the bottom line: President Obama, show us a plan.

SHRUM: He can’t show you a plan. He gave you a plan, and his plan is not to repeal Obamacare. Not going to happen. You lost the election, buddy.

Wisconsin watchers will remember that Tea Party opposition to Obamacare (if that’s what you can call AFP bussing right wingers to Feingold’s listening sessions to yell talking points) coupled with a lackluster interest in a 2010 midterm election is what sunk Russ Feingold and lifted Ron Johnson to his current senate seat.

Those were the days for Johnson. Annnnnd they’re over. Obama’s win is a loss for Johnson and the man who married into plastics money is not bright enough to figure that out on his own. I hope it takes a while for his tutors to change up his scripts. This makes for awfully good television.

Thanks go to Think Progress for spreading this one far and wide.


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