Possibly good news for King Veterans Home: Walker pledges $ for 25 new full-time RN, 58 new CNA positions

I hope this is finally some good news for King Nursing Home. You may remember me writing “Staff stretched to breaking point at King Veterans Home – WI’s Largest Nursing Home”. I shared information about CNAs at King who were working 16 hour shifts every other day or every 3rd day.

Keep in mind that even if additional CNAs and RNs are brought on to King’s staff, we don’t know if those individuals will be union employees, private contractors, or LTEs. Last I spoke with the staff there, union employees were being told by management that they didn’t have a union. Here’s a little secret: They do have a union. They’re just treated with hostility.

From WSAW.com:
Madison—Governor Scott Walker announced he will include 25 new full-time registered nurse (RN) and nearly 58 certified nurse assistant (CNA) positions for the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King in his upcoming budget.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) asked for these positions in their budget request for the FY2013-2015 budget to ensure proper staffing levels and increased capacity at King.


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