Kevin Gilkes clutches pearls, says “That’s just absurd, I’m done”, pivots on his heel, and walks away.

There’s a nifty article over at Wispolitics – “Top strategists review Baldwin-Thompson Senate race”. As luck would have it, one of the “strategists” featured is Keith Gilkes who worked on Tommy Thompson’s campaign and was the Friends of Scott Walker campaign manager during Scott Walker’s days as Milwaukee County Executive.

Certainly campaign strategy is a topic I enjoyed sinking my teeth into but what a treat to find these tasty nuggets of John Doe investigation at the conclusion! I especially enjoy the part wherein Gilkes metaphorically clutches his pearls and turns on his heel with a “That’s just absurd”.

What a response! Right up there with “Well, I never!” and “Harrumph!!” Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the press was doing its job
[round of applause — which really works if you click on Orson Welles below]

annnd it would seem that being granted immunity in a secret and ever expanding investigation that has wound up incriminating five six of Scott Walker’s former aides isn’t as glamorous and carefree as Mr. Gilkes thought it would be:

“He is the one who brought discrepancies to the attention of the DA, and has decisively taken action when anything’s been brought to his attention,” Gilkes said of Walker.

Gilkes also told reporters he “had no knowledge” of a private wireless router system that allegedly enabled a secret email system in the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Asked if a similar router exists in the state Capitol, Gilkes became angry.

“That’s just absurd, I’m done,” he responded and walked away.

“Before the talk with reporters ended, Gilkes was asked about recent court documents that revealed daily conferences were held between Milwaukee County staffers and the Walker campaign. Walker has said there was nothing wrong with having such conferences.

“It was simply a scheduling and mechanical process element balancing the work of elected officials and the campaign at the same time. You have to make decisions about who’s assigned what responsibilities, whether they be political or their official duties,” Gilkes said. “And at all times, (Walker) has to be available for contact by official office or the campaign. It was an opportunity to explain where he could be reached.”

Here’s where I interject and remind the reader that campaign staffer Gilkes and county staffers such as Kelly Rindfleisch were mixing it up on their work to elect Scott Walker. Big NO-NO. And Scott Walker was in on it – clearly – per the exposed emails.

Mr. Gilkes himself figures prominently in emails that were made public during Kelly Rindfleisch’s days in court. For example, when Rindfleisch is scheming to throw reporters off the trail of multiple scandals at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex, we learned through prosecutor Landgraf’s presentation that she sends an email to Keith Gilkes about “The contact for open records on Mendota and their failure to be in compliance”.

Other email notes by Rindfleisch from the same scheme include, “There has to be a way to blow up the Mendota story before they attack Scott”, and “This needs to be done covertly so it’s not tied to Scott, the county, or the campaign in any way.”

Gilkes said he couldn’t comment further on documents introduced by Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf at the sentencing of former Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch.

“Because of my cooperation with the DA, I’m not going to comment on that,” Gilkes said. “It’s part of the legal proceeding that I’m not allowed to talk about.”

Gilkes said he’s no longer working for Walker and has yet to decide if he’ll work for any future Walker campaigns. Walker is up for re-election to a second four-year term in 2014.”

Once again, a link to the sentencing presentation for Kelly Rindfleisch.

Something special for Kevin because I know he will survive.

I just installed a new cache-making dealie which is supposed to make this thing run faster. If all my edits didn’t make it to what you’re reading well, that’s why.


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