Watching the battle for worker rights in Michigan

Solidarity Mittens are by Michael Martin of Madison, Wisconsin.

I want to let any Michigander readers out there know that you were already my kin for enduring one of those Tea Party-in-disguise governors that got elected in 2010. Now that you are enduring this attack, you are my brothers and sisters.

According to Think Progress:
“The Michigan state House of Representatives has passed a so-called “right-to-work” law by a vote of 58-51. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has already promised to sign the legislation into law, even though it has dire consequences for both Michigan’s union and non-union workers.”

Hopefully the badgers on the scene [and YES there are most definitely Wisconsinites on the scene] are swapping information with local Michiganders so they can have a better chance of avoiding Wisconsin’s political pitfalls.

Here are a few collected resources to help you keep tabs on the political and protest events as they unfold today:

A twitter list I’ve put together for this occasion:

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Collected photos and updates throughout the day from Lansing, Michigan
SEIU blog: Live From Lansing: Workers Say No to Right-to-work-for-less in Michigan

Here’s UAW’s Ustreamed video. When I last looked at it, it showed people chanting “Veto!” in Michigan’s Capitol building:

Live video by Ustream

For the record: Nope. I didn’t go to Michigan.
Another showdown between Midwestern workers and their governor. I feel some “been there done that” this go-around – probably due to a combo of generic malaise and personal life hitting the fan. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel for Michiganders. Glad other Wisconsinites are there to give “The Man” hell for me.


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