Has ALEC heard of these things called “state constitutions”? Michigan’s is gonna trip them up.

Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder is a former computer executive and the guy who’s been selling anti-worker legislation in MI is Senator Colbeck – an aerospace engineer. They’re not lawyers but that’s supposed to be no problem because the lawyering on right-wing bills these days comes from ALEC. Or maybe it’s not so OK. It appears that nobody at ALEC really bothered with the Michigan constitution, putting at least the bill that deals with public workers into question.

Check out this update from Michigan’s Senate Democrats:
“Reports today show that HB 4003, which the Governor said would provide “Right to Work” type policies for public employees in Michigan, could not be implemented as intended as the Michigan Constitution gives clear authority to the Civil Service Commission over conditions of employment for the state’s workforce. Experts have suggested today only a vote of the Civil Service Commission could enact Right to Work policies for state workers.”

At least one person on that Civil Service Commission has a spine. From an AP story dealing specifically with MI RTW. and civil service employees:
“Commission member Robert Swanson said Wednesday the panel has authorized collective bargaining for about 35,000 employees, not including police, firefighters and political appointees. He says only the commission can impose right-to-work policy over them.”

And there’s this:
“A lawsuit has already been filed against the Michigan House of Representatives for violating the Open Meetings Act as these bills were passed while the public was illegally locked out of the State Capitol and additional legal challenges are expected in the coming days.”

Stay tuned. The right wing attacks on labor rights may be swift, but their architects aren’t and that leaves elbow room for the courts.


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