NRA plan includes option to deputize civilians to guard schools

deputize -from wiktionary –
To make (someone) a deputy;
to officially empower.
To make or name as a substitute.

I just saw the NRA press event as it was broadcast online from DC. The event was interrupted by protesters who yelled “Stop killing our children” and “Violence begins with the NRA. They are the perpetrators” and “The NRA has blood on its hands! Shame on NRA! Ban assault weapons now!”

I’m an atheist but may whatever is holy bless these citizens affiliated with Code Pink.

Here’s the protesters:

Here’s the press conference excluding the protesters:

The NRA, as you might have predicted, did not change its course and suddenly announce that gun controls are warranted in America. Instead the organization blamed violent films and games, gun-free school zones, and an increasing crime rate for America’s gun tragedies. NRA proposed an answer that involves more guns: a national “protection plan” to provide armed security at every school in America by the time children return to school in January. They called on Congress to fund the national plan but they offered NRA’s trainers free of charge. NRA also suggested that the plan be carried out with the aid of Homeland Security and the leadership of Arkansan and former Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Asa Hutchinson. LaPierre suggested that “officers” man schools and Hutchinson suggested that volunteers could do the job.

NRA Vice Pres. Wayne LaPierre said,
“I call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed officers in every single school in this nation.”

However when Ava Hutchinson spoke following LaPierre, he talked about local control of each school’s safety plan possibly incorporating local volunteers.

NOTE: I earlier assumed that Hutchinson meant arming civilian volunteers. It’s a little unclear if that’s exactly what he meant -and they didn’t allow for clarifying questions after the presser – so I’m revising my title. I transcribed the portion that deals with volunteers. See what you think.

“It will be based on a model security plan…This model security plan will serve as a template…that every school can tweak as needed.. Every school and community is different but this model security plan will allow every school to choose among its various components to develop a school safety strategy that fits their own circumstance. Whether its a large urban school or a small rural school such as we have in Arkansas…Armed, trained, qualified school security personnel will be one element of that plan but by no means the only element. If a school decides that for whatever reason that it doesn’t want or need armed security personnel, that of course is a decision to be made by the parents and the local school board at the local level.

The 2nd point I want to make is that this will be a program that does not depend upon massive funding from local authorities or the federal government. Instead it would make use of local volunteers serving in their home communities. In our home state of Arkansas my son was a volunteer w. a local group called Watchdog Dads. who volunteer their time in school to patrol local playgrounds and add a measure of security. President Clinton initiated a program called “Cops in School”. But the federal response is not sufficient for today’s task. Whether they’re retired police, retired military, or rescue personnel, I think there are people in every community in this country who would be happy to serve if only somebody asked them and gave them the training and certifications to do so. The National Rifle Association is the natural obvious choice to sponsor this program…

At no time in the presser, to my knowledge, did the word “deputize” get used, but I think the word is accurate to describe the pressing of volunteers into safety service. If this plan gets legs, it is possible [but is it likely? ] for the nation’s 3,000 [give or take] sheriffs to deputize civilians to be what are called “peace officers” for the task. Historically mass deputization has been conducted by Sheriffs for the purpose of rounding up fugitives.

Assuming such a plan progressed, in the long term, volunteers would drop out because the thrill will wear off. Then Homeland Security could take up the slack – perhaps explaining the NRA’s call for Homeland Security involvement? Which would mean local jobs from federal money. Sounds sort of “big government” to me but you know anything is better than taking away access to sophisticated killing machines ensured and enshrined by our musket-wielding forefathers.

LaPierre blamed “gun-free school zones” which tell every “insane killer in america that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum harm”. He said that because we protect banks, airports, office buildings, stadiums, and the President of the U.S. with armed guards that we should also protect our schools in the same way.

LaPierre claimed that there is a ‘dirty little truth’ that the media tries to conceal – that there is a “shadow industry” that sells “violence against its own people”. LaPierre called out the video games Bullet Storm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Combat, Splatter House, and a game called “Kindergarten Killers” that he said has been online 10 years with zero press scrutiny.

LaPierre also called out the films American Psycho and Natural Born Killers – violent films that air on what he called special “Splatter Days”.

He likened gratuitously violent culture to pornography saying,
“Isn’t fantasizing about killing people to get your kicks the filthiest of pornography?”

At that point in the presser a woman started yelling that we needed to ban assault rifles and she was removed.

LaPierre said then that clamping down on gun use does nothing to halt massacres.

He said,
“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” He then said, “Would you rather have your 911 call bring a
good guy with a gun from a mile away? or a
minute away?”

LaPierre preemptively chastised the press for their reports saying,
“I can imagine the shocking headlines you’ll
print tomorrow [paraphrasing here] “The NRA says that ‘More guns are the answer to
everything.’ Your implication will be that guns are evil and
guns have no place in society”

More on Asa Hutchinson:
According to wikipedia, Hutchinson “is a former U.S. Attorney for the Fort Smith-based Western District of Arkansas, U.S. Congressman from the Third District of Arkansas, Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the first-ever Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In 2006, Hutchinson ran as Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas and lost to Democratic candidate Mike Beebe.”

Read the full transcript of the event at

Portions of the post now deleted:
I would like to dismiss this plan as too wild west for the year 2012 going into 2013. Still, I can see initially a certain type of male lining up to wear a [perhaps brown] safety shirt and join the gun club.

It would be for the children and it wouldn’t cost the school system a dime. You can see how this will go. If you don’t accept armed volunteers,then who will pay for this? The federal gov’t? The local school district?

Maybe they’ll get to stand next to the crossing guards at the beginning and end of day so drivers by can see their fancy semi-automatics?


3 thoughts on “NRA plan includes option to deputize civilians to guard schools

  1. Here’s an idea, I’d like my 911 call going to a trained professional than some random guy with a concealed carry permit who has zero experience trying to use his gun under pressure.

    • Here’s a fact. You won’t have time to call 911 because you’ll be dead. Do you think calling 911 would have saved the school principal in Newtown? How many kids would have been saved if she had a 9mm and started shooting at Lanza. How do you think the Aurora Colorado shooter would have reacted if five armed people started firing back? Instad of thinking with emotion, start thinking with your head and deal with reality. It’s against the law to commit murder yet the law doesn’t stop it. Do you really think any future laws will prevent another Newtown or Aurora, Colorado? The only thing that stops these killers is someone shooting back.

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