From the Oak Creek police officer who was shot 15 times: “What I’ve Learned”

“It was the most ordinary of Sunday mornings. That’s a word you don’t want to use in police language — every cop will tell you that.”

I think you’ll want to read this October 5, 2012 interview of Lieutenant Brian Murphy from Esquire.

Murphy was the first police officer at the scene of the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He describes moment by moment what happened – each bullet connecting and each of his crawling moves toward his police cruiser and survival. It’s the stuff of action movies that you and I probably never will experience (knock on wood). He also describes his crawl through physical recovery in the hospital where he sometimes has to focus on a thank you card hanging on the wall to get through. We’ve all been a party to a that second sort of painful crawl to survival in some way. That’s stuff that doesn’t make it in the action movies. That’s the stuff that makes us all heroes.:

“My brother-in-law hung up one of the thank-you cards from the temple in my hospital room. I used to think that stuff didn’t make a difference. But lying there in the middle of the night, when they come to suction out your trachea — which sucks beyond belief — you dread it, because you feel like you’re drowning. So when they come in, you just think, I don’t want to do this anymore.

And then you look at those thank-yous and letters of encouragement and you think, I got thousands of people behind me. My family. My friends. The entire law-enforcement community. The Sikh community. This thing went worldwide. How do you give up? How do you mail it in? You don’t. You suck it up and you go on because it’s the right thing to do.”

Read the interview at
Lieutenant Brian Murphy: What I’ve Learned

Hat tip to Andy O. for sharing this one today.


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