Wisconsin 2012. Blue cheddar memories.

Wisconsin politics from the last two years may be like childbirth for you: necessary for life but please – spare the details.

If you’re not too squeamish to reflect on the highlights and lowlights, then welcome to a very non-comprehensive retrospective on the dirt kicked up by GOP, Koch, and Walker Incorporated and kicked back by the hearty citizens of Wisconsin.

There’s no shortage of political drama in the dairy state, and thankfully, there’s now an overabundance of bloggers ready to document it. So I’ll be spending more time on another cool Wisconsin project in the year to come. Watch this space for more details.

Well wishes to you and yours in the new year. May your ice always clink, may your beer stay fresh and local, and may your fellow Badgers remain ever fierce.

– blue cheddar

January 2

Watch the Rose Parade Occupation Online Monday Jan 2nd

There was a 70 ft. octopus at the end of the parade made of recycled plastic bags and carried aloft by at least 40 occupy activists. I was pretty stoked about it.

January 4
Court orders Wisconsin GOP to come clean on redistricting documents

A three judge panel ordered attorneys hired by the GOP-dominated Wisconsin legislature to cooperate IMMEDIATELY with their orders instead of filing frivolous lawsuits and continuing to employ “sandbagging” and “hide-the-ball trial tactics”.

There would be some alterations, and some fines levied, and some shaming, but essentially, their redistricting handed the state legislature to their party and shut out the Democrats.

January 7, 2012
The cost of the recalls? There is no price tag on democracy. – blue cheddar

“Friday the GAB said the recalls would run about 9 million dollars.*

As I recollect, that’s a little over 2 times the average corporate welfare hand-out to Spectrum Brands. “

January 11
Hurley Mining Bill Hearing Today 1/11/2011 at 10 am – Appleton Wonk

Protesters from either side of the political spectrum discuss hunting in Hurley Wisconsin before a hearing on a proposed mine in the Penokees.

“The legislation, AB 426, was introduced at the request of a Florida-based mining company that wants to open up a large taconite mining and processing operation in southern Ashland County on the Iron County border. …
Our governor has made a really big deal about “outside agitators” in regards to the protests that happened in and around the capital last year. Wouldn’t a Florida-based company be considered at least an “outsider”?

January 17
ONE MILLION! by Worley Dervish

In this one bright, shiny moment, the state of Fitzwalkerstan has been turned into the state of Euphoria.

January 26

LIAR!: All You Need to Hear from Walker’s State of the State Address

January 19

Dear Russ: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold by Worley Dervish

Dear Russ,

We know you have said repeatedly that you would not run for public office in 2012, and we have tried repeatedly to respect and honor that. But over and over again the idea comes sailing back, that the one person who would be best for Wisconsin in this exceptional historical moment, for so many reasons, is you….

January 31
Recall Petitions: One man’s transparency is another man’s poison

The right Wing “think tank” MacIver Institute vows to submit an open records request to the GAB this morning 01/31/12 to “ensure that Wisconsin recall petitions are available to the public”.

February 4
Appeals Court Orders Waukesha Judge To give Wisconsin Dems a Do-Over on Signature Review Case

February 5
Scott Walker’s “If you got the money” tour hits Milwaukee, Naples, and Washington D.C.

“Early this week Walker will indulge the Milwaukee County D.A. John Chisholm in a “voluntary” chat…

On Wednesday, after shedding his two attorneys, Walker will be fawned over at a conservative fundraiser in Naples, Florida where he can add to the approximately $12 million he’s raised to defend his seat from a recall.”

February 13
GOP now Grand Old Mob: A leak reveals Wisconsin Republican intimidation tactics

“GOP legislators were shown two district maps to get them to comply with the Walker-Vos agenda. One was a map of the district they’d get to keep if they complied with Vos’ wishes and went along with the secret pact and the GOP redistricting plan. The other map pretty much ensured that the legislator in question would be out of a job come next election.”

March 7
Update: Cline Corporation gets the message, quits plan for Wisconsin mine.

March 2
“Senator Grothman is no stranger to nutbaggery”

His legislation forces the board to promote and distribute literature that emphasizes that “nonmarital parenthood” is a “contributing factor to child abuse and neglect”.

March 4
Solidarity Sing Along visited by right winger with 2 left feet. A tale by Giles Goat Boy.
Little did the Solidarity Singers know they would be featured in a ‘documentary’ featured on a Glenn Beck show in May. I haven’t yet located the full and final film but you can see a bit of it in this Ami Horowitz reel [he’s the dancer Giles Boat Boy writes about]:

March 11
Money in Walker’s campaign coffers can be used to fight John Doe investigation

The Scott Walker Experience by Michael Martin

Image above by Michael Martin.

March 14
Recall dates set: Primary May 8. General June 5. Time to check in with state senate candidates

“A government that undermines the very foundation of its existence — the people’s inherent, pre-constitutional right to vote — imperils its legitimacy as a government by the people, for the people, and especially of the people.”
– Wisconsin Circuit Judge Richard Niess

March 14
Women are mad as hell in Wisconsin. The war on women is here.
[singlepic id=785 w=320 h=240 float=center]

“…AB 337/SB 237 opens the door to abstinence-only sex education in public schools, AB 154/SB 92 makes private insurance coverage of abortion illegal, and AB 371/SB 306 restricts abortion by telemedicine, and so doing, makes it fundamentally more difficult for rural women to seek an abortion.”

March 17
Privateer takeover of MATC’s board is slowed, not stopped

“What’s next is that 3 of the current Milwaukee Area Technical College board members will have to step aside and 3 business leaders will be installed in their place..”

March 24
Castle Doctrine law promotes justice by bullet: The disturbing death of Bo Morrison.

March 30
Rick Santorum halts himself mid-N-word in Janesville, Wisconsin: “We know what Obama was like, the anti war, government nig-”

Rick Santorum waves at the crowd. Some rights reserved by Gage Skidmore

March 31
Rep. Peter Barca will not run for Gov. of Wisconsin. His letter to supporters.

April 2
Media Matters: “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Completely Ignored ALEC’s Role In Wisconsin’s Voter ID Bill”
An illustration of a crow inside an oval surrounded by the words "ALEC Crow Koch Bros." 21st Centrury disenfranchisement. Creative commons license, DonkeyHotey

April 2
Show Me What Solidarity Looks Like
By Worley Dervish

Many of us are disappointed that neither Russ Feingold nor Peter Barca are running for governor. Jessica Vanegeren wrote in the Cap Times last week of a “palpable lack of enthusiasm among many voters for any of [Walker’s] potential opponents.”

April 15
Fitting. Old nemesis AP dubs candidate Arthur Kohl-Riggs an “agitator”.
Arthur Kohl-Riggs

“AP’s Scott Bauer and Todd Richmond – the very same author of that “agitator” article – had a hand in expelling Arthur from the ranks of the Capitol press corps, effectively ensuring he would have no ability to videotape the Wisconsin Assembly.”

May 11
Effort to recall Democratic State Senator Bob Jauch is OFF

“It’s been a Who’s Who list of extremists lead by Citizens for Responsible Government, of Milwaukee, who couldn’t find their way to northwest Wisconsin without a road map”.

May 15
…the Wisconsin Dem. party “has asked the DNC for $500,000 to help with its massive field operation. While the DNC has made generally supportive noises, the money has not been forthcoming..”

May 22
Smear exposes Janesville teacher salaries…

May 24
Lori Compas trounces Scott Fitzgerald in amazing debate

June 2
Come on if you’re comin’: Reflections, Pics, Video of the Tom Morello GOTV Concert, Madison
[singlepic id=842 w=320 h=240 float=center]

June 5

June 12

[singlepic id=875 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Scott Walker’s summit: Brats, beer, and bullshit
“I want people to see that we’re not gone. I want punks like Suder over here to see so he knows that we’re here for when he runs in the fall for reelection…” – Marty Beil

June 20
Accounts of recall voter intimidation, voter confusion, and voter harassment in Racine, Wisconsin

June 22
Wisconsin sand rush: Open pit mining races ahead with help of “hush money”

July 9
Tammy Baldwin vs. the Conservative Clown Car

Tommy doing his darndest to look like a Tea Bagger who wants to beat up the lefties:

July 19
Walker’s ark tweet: “THIS IS A GOVERNOR”

July 24
Sen. Tim Cullen: “I am no longer a member of the Senate Democratic Caucus”

Cullen sulked when he didn’t get the committee appointments he wanted from Mark Miller. They kissed and made up by the next Friday. I wonder if getting featured in the documentary “As Goes Janesville” went to Cullen’s head.

July 31
Staff stretched to breaking point at King Veterans Home – WI’s Largest Nursing Home

Twenty-five staff spoke-up about conditions at the King Veterans Home at a listening session for the public on July 26th at their union hall.

August 8
Driving Out Darkness
By Worley Dervish

The shootings Sunday in a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, have affected me very much as they have affected others. I am sad, shocked, stricken. Coming so soon on the heels of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, it’s hard not to feel that hate and violence have gained the upper hand…

August 16
“Attention, Congressman Ryan: I am one of the women you said must not be from Iowa or Wisconsin”

Ms. Mortice was with a group that confronted Paul Ryan when he spoke at the Iowa State fair on Monday..

August 21
Todd Akin will not back out: “I’ve not yet begun to fight”

It is time to dust off all your jokes and posts and signs that reference the forbidden Florida uterus, the banned “vagina” of Michigan, and preposterous transvaginal probes because campaigns are going to be talking social issues whether they like it or not.


August 28
Photos: Protesting the Paul Ryan Rally in Janesville

[singlepic id=948 w=320 h=240 float=center]

August 31
Best RNC speech ever: Clint Eastwood and chair

September 5
Wisconsin: a top slasher of K-12 education funding in America

September 7
Paying the Price for Free Speech
By Worley Dervish

So today Friday September 7th at noon we’re singing, again, for free speech, for our friends who have been arrested and fined, for our rights and yours, for the rights of our children.

September 17
Chicago Wisconsin-style: the CTU Strike
May 23rd membership meeting of CTU

September 18
Is it January 2011 in Wisconsin yet? Matthews says Yes. WASB says No.

Madison Teachers Inc. Executive Director John Matthews announced on WTDY today that the Judge Colas’ ruling on Act 10 and Act 32 takes Wisconsin right back to January of 2011 – before Walker “dropped the bomb” on public unions in Wisconsin.

September 26
Even worse than the press let on: Feds’ letter to DOA suspends block grant program, says WEDC not state agency

October 10
Threats and conflict of interest in Jackson County, Wisconsin. Sand mine business as usual?

Future site of Coulee Frac, on Aleckson RD, Franklin Township, Jackson County, WI.

I recently found myself standing in a little township called Franklin in Jackson County in a valley surrounded by high hills.

That day allegedly a threat was reported against all 3 of the township’s board members. It was the 2nd threat in a few weeks….

October 15
Oh hey! That’s Paul Ryan washing a clean pot and trying to look like he’s at one with the common man.

October 20
Second debate: Belligerent Tommy. Eloquent Tammy.

Dearest reader, you can lose an hour of your life the way I did and watch this debate. Or you can save yourself the trouble and simply imagine an educated and compassionate woman trying to reason with a belligerent old man who has staggered onto her front lawn.

Oct. 21
Brookfield, WI mass shooting story unfolds. Meanwhile, NRA ad appears on Wisconsin TV

Oct 30
Let’s Talk About FEMA
By Worley Dervish

What they don’t understand—refuse to understand—is that living in a civilized society has to mean that we have have a vested interest in what happens to each other. It means acknowledging that your well-being, or lack of it, affects me, and that I’m willing to invest in our collective well-being.

Nov. 6
Obama and The Boss in Madison, Wisconsin
[singlepic id=1040 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Nov. 7
Fox News festival of election night failure

Nov 14
Nine WI Republicans expose their own stupidity, backing arrest of any federal official who tries to implement Obamacare

Rep. Chris Kapenga of Delafield
Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin
Reps. Don Pridemore of Hartford
Rep. Erik Severson of Star Prairie
Rep. Tom Larson of Colfax
Rep. Scott Krug of Wisconsin Rapids
Not sworn in yet:
Rob Hutton of Brookfield
Mark Born of Beaver Dam
Dave Murphy of Greenville

Nov 17
Wondering about Walkergate, Brett Davis, and a couple billion dollars

Pictured: Brett Davis

Nov 18
Walker flies out to Cali, talks about impending plans for Wisconsin

Nov. 21
Walkergate: emails of Scott Walker’s conniving staff are revealed in court

Nov 23
It’s Black Friday. Time to support Walmart workers. Here’s how.

Image above is from Overpass Light Brigade.
Dec 3
Walkergate: Why did the newspaper leave that out? (And lots of other questions)

Dec 11
Remembering Otis Redding

Dec 22
Stop Special Needs Vouchers in Wisconsin!
By AnnieJo

Dec 29
From the Oak Creek police officer who was shot 15 times: “What I’ve Learned”


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