Madison’s WOZN plays same two Guns N’ Roses and Metallica songs for over 5 days straight

You remember WTDY?
The Madison station that ceased to be a progressive talk station suddenly not long before Christmas because ownership opted to turn it into *another* sports radio station? Nevermind that the station provided hours of entertaining progressive talk daily and quality reporting and it broadcast to the site of the nation’s largest spontaneous protest against … *sigh*…yada, yada, rant, rant, mutter, grumble, *sigh*.

I’m disgruntled but you know, I thought “who am I to say I could run the station in a more savvy manner”. Right? Am I a business manager for a radio station? No I am not.

Then I saw this from Jeff Glaze’s article:

After playing holiday music for more than a month, the former WTDY station aired two songs on repeat for more than five days leading up to WOZN’s launch. Those songs — “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses and “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica — were meant to build up excitement for the return of Jim Rome’s show, known by fans as “The Jungle,” Hawke added.

“Build up excitement”?

I thought rule number one for selling something was “don’t insult the customer”. My informal review of sports radio demographics suggests that listeners are age 25-55 and male. That does not mean they’re brain dead!
Note – I have NOTHING against Metallica and Guns N’ Roses but I would not subject any living being to the same 2 songs for over 5 days in a row.

Incidentally, the gentleman pictured below is who they have playing daily. His commentary is not my cup of tea (I did try it today) but he impresses the people who matter. He’s ranked number two in the nation by Talkers Magazine.

Do you suppose Madison, Wisconsin gives a shit about that?

So now that we know that running a radio station is NOT rocket science, I feel comfortable offering an alternative.
Here are 5 sports things that WOZN could have played over and over again on a loop without so blatantly insulting everybody in its listening area:

1. The ENTIRE Miracle on Ice
Remember when the American ice hockey team beat the Soviet team at the Winter Olympics after the Soviets had won nearly every world championship and Olympic tournament since 1954? Yeah. THAT.

2. The Rumble in the Jungle
Oh what was that, anyway. Just the defeat of the undefeated George Foreman by Muhammad Ali in Zaire. If it were me at the helm of the radio station, I’d toss in a lot of the 3 day musical performance called “Zaire 74” that went along with it so I could play some James Brown and Miriam Makeba.

3. Technically I should feel ashamed of myself for not listing this first. The Ice Bowl. That would be the 1967 NFL game between the Western Conference champ the Packers and the Eastern Conference champ the Cowboys held at Lambeau field where wind chill was negative 48 degrees F.

4. The 1960 World Series Games
I can not locate a full audio of this to share with you via the net. Here’s a video teaser.

5. HOLD IT. Arghh. Too much testosterone in this list. But the people who listen to these stations are mostly men! Well, how about one of these three: An old roller derby broadcast on TV so you have some good play by play to listen to
Jolters vs. The Westerners

Some classic and colorful LPWA! This starts off with The Beast vs. Reggie Bennett

or something really local and female-focused like this interview with the top 3 women finishers in the 2012 Birkie, the international ski race held annually in Hayward [umm..I assume they still hold this in Hayward if there’s snow to be found there in any given year].

I am fully prepared for you to one up me with some much better suggestions in comments.


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