John “Sly” Sylvester to broadcast from Monroe, Wisconsin’s WEKZ

This will come as a great relief to fans of the progressive rabble rouser and broadcaster John “Sly” Sylvester. The former broadcasting star of WTDY will be soon found delivering a “Drive Home with Sly” show from 3pm-6:30pm weekdays on 93.7FM “Big Oldies” WEKZ. He starts his new gig on the first Monday in February – the 4th.

I tuned in this morning and heard a brief interview with Sly. He described his future show as drawing upon news from Illinois, Wisconsin and even Northeast Iowa.  He’s thinking of doing a tri-state town hall and he promises to do some of “the fun stuff” he used to do at WTDY such as “some of the music games we used to play”.

I give a hat tip to blogger Jud Lounsbury who let me know about the news via email.  I gathered from his email that WEKZ does not veer to the right nor to the left wing politically but instead, plays it down the middle. Sly being Sly, I’m sure he’s still going to veer left – sometimes in the most controversial manner possible.   His occasional “shock jock” tone has gotten me downright angry with him on occasion.  However when it comes down to it – do I want him on the radio or off? – I want him on.  I think his voice has been a valuable and spirit-lifting contribution to Wisconsin these last two turbulent years. And he’s a helluva a lot of fun at a rally.

Congrats to Sly and a big thank you to WEKZ.  I’ll definitely tune in.

Listen to 93.7 FM from anywhere in the world at their web site. 


7 thoughts on “John “Sly” Sylvester to broadcast from Monroe, Wisconsin’s WEKZ

  1. After viciously verbally attacking Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch and eluding to her performing sex acts and being nothing more than a whore, this is the exact problem why anuses like Sly are absolutely useless and offer nothing moral and meaningful to society. He calls himself a ‘progressive’ like every other POS liberal but instead of having an intelligent, articulate conversation or debate with people of differing views, he has to yell, scream, berate and use foul language to try to discredit his opponent. He’s a liability waiting to happen but if you’re not interested in dignified quality talk radio then this misplaced piece of fecal matter is your turd.

  2. I hope sly doesn’t ruin your station. I love WEKZ because it is such an easy-going station with an apolitical position. I’ve been listening to the Big EZ for a long time because it is so nice. From way back in the 70’s! I hope Sly doesn’t get your station into trouble. I know he’s trying to make your station more accessible for a wider market, but sometimes he can get a little crazy. I love Monroe and my Elmer Childress on Sunday’s and the down home cheese flavor it projects. I hope it stays that way! From a loyal WEKZ fan/listener.

  3. Although I don’t agree with Sly all the time, his show was my favorite radio show to listen to. I am glad that he is back on the air. 93.7 does not come in up here in Portage, but I can always stream it. Does anyone know if Crystal and Dylan will be contributing?

  4. I believe it will be streamed, archived, and there will be an app for smart phones – based on his own comments on facebook. 🙂 The fans will do all of this if the station does not!

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