A Wisconsin state of the state crossword puzzle

Oh gosh!  I have some leaked information about tonight’s “State of the State” address from Our Dear Leader Scott Walker. It’s  full of his “bold vision” and he says it has “bright hope for the future.”

Are you just squirming with anticipation?!

I simply couldn’t wait ’til tonight to rebut his bombastic BS so I made my first-ever State of the State crossword.  Most of the words for this are in the excerpt of his speech at the bottom of this post.   I’ll give you one clue to get you started: #6 is Gogebic.    All the answers may be found at this link.


Find the Broadcast: the “State of the State” address will air at 7 PM Central Time tonight Jan. 15th.  You can watch live and online at Walker’s web site or you can see it on Wisconsin Public TV’s channels or site.

There is also a cool early online watch party with One Wisconsin Now and The League Of Young Voters Education Fund at 5:45 PM Central.  Catch that HERE.

 Wisconsin state of the state crossword


4. These invest in Walker. And Walker returns the favor. A tip: They are people too.

5. Walker says families are hard-working. Meanwhile, he is _ _ _ _ _ working. A tip: The word ends in “ly”.

6. The company that writes Wisconsin’s mining bills.



1. The kind of schools Scott Walker wants to fund with public tax dollars.

2. Surveillance of protesters in the Capitol building.

3. Choosing to keep cheaper state employees instead of hiring expensive private contractors would be _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


Governor Scott Walker delivers his 2013 State of the State Address. His office has released a few anticipated excerpts:

Bold Vision and Bright Hope for the Future: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving Wisconsin forward with bold vision and bright hope for the future.

Two years ago, when I first stood here as your new governor, Wisconsin was facing a $3.6 billion dollar budget deficit, property taxes had gone up 27 percent over the previous decade, increasing every year, and the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent.

Today, Wisconsin has a $342 million dollar budget surplus, property taxes on a median valued home went down in each of the last two years, and the unemployment rate – well – it’s down to 6.7 percent.

We’re turning things around. We’re heading in the right direction…”

Tough, But Prudent, Decisions Mean We Can Invest in Wisconsin: “We made tough, but prudent, decisions to get our fiscal house in order. Today, unlike the federal government and many of our neighboring states, we have a surplus, which will allow us to invest in our priorities.”

Middle-Class Tax Cut: “With the introduction of my proposed budget next month, I will lay out a clear plan for reducing the burden on hard-working families by lowering income taxes on the middle class. We want to continue to put more money in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers and small business owners in our state.

Unlike the message coming out of Washington, I believe that putting more money in the hands of the people—instead of the government—is good for the economy.”

Mining for Jobs to Improve Life for Our Friends and Neighbors: “Our top priority is helping the people of our state create more jobs… A mine would be a lifeline to people in northwestern Wisconsin, where the unemployment rate in Iron County is the 2nd highest in the state at nearly 12 percent. But the benefits will be felt all across Wisconsin.”

Making Educational Opportunities Accessible: “Every child should have access to a great education. We continue to expand the number of choices for families in Wisconsin—be it a traditional, a charter, a voucher, a virtual, or a home school environment. Moving forward, we want to continue to dramatically improve existing schools and give parents the opportunity to choose legitimate alternatives to failing schools.”  Source


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