The Weekly Cheddar

Here’s a slightly delayed weekly cheddar – which is a sometimes snarky collection of must-read stories of the week.  I’m on a big trip to see family on the East Coast, and since I’m really supposed to be off of the computer, I’ll be very light on national news and focus on my beloved Wisconsin.

Union-busting law Wisconsin Act 10 upheld in federal court: However, as Root River Siren notes, “Someone should let Scooter in on the fact that two other lawsuits are pending – one of which has put Act 10 on ice at the state level.. That means that not much has changed.” See WISBAR for Conley’s decision in April 2012.

Oh! WPR notes shady sand mine politics: See Town Officials Accused Of Frac Sand Conflict Of Interest.  [Flashback: I wrote about this in October of 2012: Threats and conflict of interest in Jackson County, Wisconsin. Sand mine business as usual?]


One Nun, Hold the Bus:  On February 13 and 14 Simone Campbell of “Nuns on a Bus” fame will be in Middleton, WI. 

Madison Homeless Services Are Unacceptable:  So determined activists plan a housing co-op.  More at OM House.  What exactly can you do to help? See Forward Lookout.

Voucher School Plan Gets Complicated: Walker will unveil a voucher plan in his budget, but first, WI GOP’s Ellis and Olsen insist that each local school district should decide if it has  a voucher option.  Walker’s plan is looking like Louisiana’s unconstitutional plan which opens the door to teaching creationism.  Phil Plait at Slate has more on that. 

Yes, Virginia. White Privilege is a thing.:  A Delavan-Darien parent questions talk of white privilege in class.   Meanwhile, after illegal strip searches in Milwaukee and “excessive use of force and discriminatory harassment”, over 17 groups agitate to get public say in who Tom Barrett appoints to fire and police commissions.

Spooner, Wisconsin: “Spooner Elementary School has served as the Indianhead Rifle & Pistol Club gun show venue for the last two decades, but now….”

State Rep. Taylor Gets On Naughty Singer List: “The Capitol Police have a list in the event it is needed for evidence in prosecuting citations”  Yes.  And for the record, lots of video.

Mine Bill Is a Job Crater and…:  Supposed author Tom Tiffany admitted the 2013 mine bill exempts the mine from environmental standards.
Speak up about this mine plan at a public hearing, Wednesday, January 23 at
9:00 AM in Room 411 South of the Capitol building. Learn more from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Molotov Cocktails: “According to his family, Smith checked himself into a Milwaukee mental-health facility on December 30, but continued refusing medication while there. He checked out of the facility last week, just a few days before his arrest at the state capitol. ” -source Before police arrested Kvon Smith, they arrested Colin Bowden.  No resemblance between the two men at all – unless all black people look alike to you.

State of the State:  Get the “straight” take on the State of the State speech from a gay [and L.B.T.] newspaper.  Or try the funny version from Giles Goat Boy.

A Rule Bomb Incoming:  Walker suggests changes to  218 chapters of state rules, 40 marked for total repeal.  Jason Stein wrote about how it could make it harder to get unemployment insurance.

Debt Ceilings: Paul Ryan and his fraternal order of free marketeers have given the federal government another couple of months to live. (YAY!)  He also has a plan to shuffle bill payments around that people say is impossible.

WI Dems unveil new “Defeat Walker Plan”:   Timing on a new 72-county strategy Dems rolled out is a smidge early for the Nov. 2013 Governor’s race BUT just right to help the state party chair keep his job.  (He faces reelection at this year’s state Dem. convention).  Anybody running against Mike Tate?

Glenn Beck’s proposed “city-theme park hybrid”:  Beck wants to build a right wing Disneyworld called “Independence, USA” where people can rail against the collectivist system while living collectively. I’m guessing that open carry firearms are required.

Executive Orders and “Tyranny!”:   It’s not that easy to just find out what the heck he signed in the first place – so here’s the list of executive orders (at Forbes).  Here’s info right from the Obama admnistration’s (at and here he is talking about it…

Here’s some outcry from the right wing.  Here’s some good mocking from Jon Stewart.

Inauguration incoming: Just because I bet you’re wondering, here’s the timeline of events for that.

Let’s conclude on a bright note:

Brought a tear to my eye:  Girls’ Bathroom Stall Note Offers Hope And Comfort To Other Women (PHOTO)

Overpass Light Brigade (also called OLB) is truly wonderful for keeping it simple and upbeat and for just plain keeping it going:  Overpass Light Brigade Shines at Madison Capitol “Idle No More” Event | Occupy Riverwest

That’s all I have time for.  If I’ve neglected a crucial story or you want me to do original blogging on something, leave a comment.  🙂


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