Collected tweets from the open pit mine public hearing in Wisconsin

I watched much of the public hearing on an open pit Wisconsin mine from afar yesterday since I am in Connecticut (where I am supposed to be taking a “vacation”). I pulled together many tweets from throughout the day and inserted them into a “Storify” – which you should find below – but give it a minute to load up. The collection of tweets could serve as a handy guidepost to those looking through the 12 hours of testimony since each tweet is timestamped and many of the tweets let you know who was speaking at the time.

Environmental reporter Ron Seely gave a fair assessment of the hearing in his article, Sides make case for, against mining bill at contentious public hearing

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Public Hearing: Wisconsin open pit mine January 23, 2013

Collected tweets, notes, photos, and video relating to the 9AM – 9PM public hearing on the open pit mine proposed for the Penokees in Northern Wisconsin.

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Full coverage of the 12 hours of testimony is at Wisconsin Eye.  The link is below “Event Detail”.   — 01.23.13 | Joint Public Hearing: Senate and Assembly Committees on Mining.  

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RT @bluecheddar1: Care to see a WI mine travesty LIVE ? "@paellacook@wi_defender This is the worst meeting I’ve ever watched. #nomine" O’Blivion
RT @Cops4Labor: I predict 3 things about #wimine law as written: few Wisconsinites will get jobs. The profits will leave the state. WI kids will be poisonedIMO voice
As supporters of safe & sensible mining, @WiBizAlliance finds serious flaws wi/ AB1 / SB1 as it stands #wiunion #nomineAmerica United
RT @cr8f: The hidden danger in the Mining Bill version 2013 #nomineFather O’Blivion
WI Sen. Jauch is in Hawaii, joins the public hrng. by phone. He noted in call-in that he wished for a hearing in Northern WI #nominebluecheddar1
Open Pit mining bill Wisconsinites will deal with the fallout for 100’s of years – citizen input limited to 2 minutes #wegoted #nominePolitical Fodder
Were you at Hurley? That was a joke @paellacook: @wi_defender This is the worst meeting I’ve ever watched. #nomineray reynolds
Sen. Lehman asks @ mine hrng. – is it intent of the authors – to have loopholes – exemptions the DNR does not have to approve? #nominebluecheddar1
At least 6 members of the joint committee were refused a chance to ask questions at today’s public hrng. on an open pit mine in WI #nominebluecheddar1
"Madame Chair! This is a kangaroo court. This is outrageous Madame Chair" #nomine
It’s not about iron. Gold. #nomineJohn
Jauch: Fill-in/ rerouting of streams is invitation to a lawsuit So-called "mitigation" allowed anywhere is against WI constitution. #nominebluecheddar1
Rep. Penny B. Schaber re. waste rock- cld it be placed in archeological sites/precious wetlands? Told answers to come later #nominebluecheddar1
#Wimine chairs keep saying questions will be answered later, in private. isnt it a public hearing? #nominerabbitude
Just talked w @LoriCompas, who is in overflow room. Here to oppose bill as head of progressive biz group, @WIBizAlliance #wimineJack Craver
WI GOP has all the time in the world for corporations / Ah, yes.. RT @rebeccakemble: The timer appears to be off for GTac testimony.#wiminebluecheddar1
WHOSE gov’t is this? WI GOP Sen. Tiffany allows mine digger GTAC to display pictures @ public hearing, but not citizens who testify #nominebluecheddar1
Regarding proposed WI open pit mine: "@welzr.. I heard Spencer Black say it would be the biggest open pit mine on the planet!" #nominebluecheddar1
Hundreds of streams flow down from those hills. All flow northward, even off the south slopes. Those turn and flow north thru passes #nomineFather O’Blivion
"@rseelyCoakley, mine expert with DNR, says GOP bill changes air and water protections on mine site. #wimine #wismine" #nominebluecheddar1
"@rseelyCoakley, mine expert with DNR, says GOP bill changes air and water protections on mine site. #wimine #wismine" #nominebluecheddar1
MT ‏@wi_defenderI’ve gone from wishing anti-mine testimonies were polished to being proud of these citizens with shaking voices. #wiminebluecheddar1
RT ‏@WaksikPro mine guy snickers at emotion in previous mans voice while testifying 😦 #wimine #nominebluecheddar1
Plenty of police guarding #wimine hearing. #nomine
CapPo harassing a young man holding a sign against the mining bill in the Rotunda. They have confiscated the sign, isolated him. #nomineSara Blackthorne
Young man having his sign confiscated and being harassed by CapPo. #nomine Blackthorne
There are now three overflow rooms. #wimineJack Craver
Last year (in Hurley) they said we won’t lose tourists because people will want to visit the mine #nomine #WImineray reynolds
Lovely. #nomine RT @rebeccakemble: GTac got just under one hour for their testimony. No gavels, no timers. #wimineS.J. Barlament
But of course it is. #nomine RT @rebeccakemble: Timer is back on for @PeterWBarca #wimineS.J. Barlament
Did the Army Corps just say it was not invited to testify at the mining hearing – but drove up here after seeing it on TV? #wiminePeter Barca
anti-mining advocates from the area where the mine would be located just arrived at the Capitol
RepZamarippa: "Isn’t it true that WEDC has mismanaged some $8Million in overdue loans?" Chair Williams abruptly cuts off question. #WIMineConservation Voters
Nick Milroy seems to be the most informed, eloquent mining opponent there is out there. Put him on a 30 minute infomercial.Wisconsin Defender
The cravenness at which GTac is approaching the #wimine legislation is disturbing.Ron Henske
Husley is definitely gaining my respect today with his questions and comments in this hearing #nominePolitical Fodder
RT @rabbitude: #Wimine chairs keep saying questions will be answered later, in private. isnt it a public hearing? #nomineJaxon Brow
Just got to the hearing. Got placed in the 4th overflow room. #wimine #nomineKaeleen Ringberg
Grasser from Army Corp of Engineers " I don’t know if there was a mix up but we weren’t invited to testify" #wimine #nomineKaeleen Ringberg
Please remember Wisconsin, we are at ground zero for the fascist attack on our progressive country. #wiunion #wimine #nomineFather O’Blivion
RT @caffeinatedDem: Thank you Rep. Milroy for speaking on behalf of the SACREDNESS of the proposed mining area. #nomineFather O’Blivion
The mine is very popular in Hurley so maybe not @rabbitude: Did Americans For Prosperity pay "pro mine" supporters #wimine #nomineray reynolds
OF COURSE the bill weakens environmental standards. That was the whole fricking point of the bill. #wiminecruiskeen
Grothman: 47% of the trout that live in the streams will thank me. #wimine #nomineGretchen Hoover
RT @riveralliance: WMC lobbyist keeps it simple: if the overburden has sulfides, just keep it away fr air and water. #wimineCommunity Shares WI
"The treaties and sovereignty –– please think about what that means for me and my people," says rep from Lac du Flambeau. #wimineJack Craver
Brooks Bigjohn, Lac du Flambeau: "5.5m tons of dynamite ready to blow up the Penokees.That’s equal to Hiroshima. 3x a month." #wimineRebecca Kemble
RT @Waksik: LdF tribal council members "we don’t fight with hands, bows and arrows anymore. We fight with words and in court" #wimineSara Blackthorne
Eric Chapman: LdF offers to host a hearing, closer to potential mine site #wimineArvina Martin
RT @rebeccakemble: GLIFWC Chairman Isham: "There is no wild rice left downstream of taconite mines in Minnesota." #wimine Vickers
My notes from 4:38PM Eastern Time: There doesn’t seem to be consideration to the fact that in the Penokee hills that all geological evidence that all the iron ore lies underneath sulfide minerals. an open pit mine involves by definition blowing up the mountain into small pieces, moving the small pieces somewhere, and since they’re not going to build a building of 10 or 20 acres- they’ll be excposed to the elements. Sulvide minerals when exposed to air and water produces sulfuric acid. This bill does not protect the water from what this will do. YOu don’t have the power to change the laws of science. I can not imagine a mine exavating the billions of tons of overlying rock and constructing a structure of ay kind to keep it from getting wet in an area that gets 200 inches of snow each year and I don’t know how many inches of rain in the non-frozen months of the year. Or how they would deal with the rain water that would fall on a structure. Or how they would build that. If you forced them to keep the area dry..the mine company would have no interest in the project. It’s low grade iron ore under a huge amount of rock. They’re looking to bulldoze it to the sides. On year 20 they’ll be asked to be relieved of obligation for financial responsibility. . . .I think the reality in the world where bankrptcy laws exist is that the people of WI will have to deal with the results or pay for fixing them. 
– testimony at public hearing on open pit mine, Dennis Grzezinski of Midwest Environmental Advocates
Amen [ open pit mine hearing ongoing now ] / @paellacookRep. Clark demands respect from freshman Sen. Tiffany. About time! #nomine #WIminebluecheddar1
Makes sense RT @JackCraver Sen. @VinehoutK tells me #wimine bill is "smokescreen" so Gov. Walker to blame fed govt. when mining jobs failChristopher Hoffman
Guy in hearing says he drills uncontaminated wells in area of closed iron mines – but those r small tunnel. Not open pit #nomine #wiminebluecheddar1
Rep. Zamarippa – aren’t u concerned there’s no requirement that all/most of the workers for this proposed mine be from WI? #wimine #nominebluecheddar1
@bluecheddar1 I love how Tiffany yells! Class act. #nomineJohn
RT @rseely: Tiffany says 150 people left to testify at Capitol mining hearing, which is scheduled to go until 9 p.m. #wimine #wisminetASO News Feed
#wimine Prof. Marcia Bjornerud, Lawrence College geologist rocks. No pun intended.Efrem R. Jasso
lawrence u geologist: this bill changes significantly how we deal with waste rock in mining. that doesnt sound good. #wimineRiver Alliance of WI
Maybe we should change the WI flag to include huge polluting machinery instead of old school miner. #wimine #nominerabbitude
OK you can mine in WI, but you have to use a pick and shovel like on our flag. #wimine #nomine #wiunionrabbitude
When u talk about the destruction of these resuorces .. we are directly downstream .. the threat is genocide. -Mike Wiggins, #NOmine #WIminebluecheddar1
Go Mike Wiggins calling out Glen Grothmann on the farce of a bill being presented MUNICIANS alone would create toxicity #nominePolitical Fodder
Loving Mike Wiggins testimony ‘When I say Our waters I mean both of us ‘ #nominePolitical Fodder
My notes, 5:34PM Eastern Time: The bill you’re looking at is set to violate treaties – treaties that the tribes have entered into w. the state of WI and the US gov’t. There are sacred cultural connections. In the spirit of a garden, there is food production that people depend upon – I cld describe it – I cld describe the frost – I wld have to describe the hydrology of the waters… I cld talk to you about the silence of the homile And then I would have to talk about the silence of Caroline Lake. I look at all of you – a lot of you are 75% of Madison water supply – the people you will see come in from our tribe are comprised of the waters of the aquifer of our area – that are 1,000 feet and deeper – the same waters that Gogebic will NOT be accountable for.. their waters – they will be part sturgeon, part white fish,part trout. When you talk about the destruction of these resuorces, because we are directly downstream and we are in imminent threat, the threat is genocide. Genocide.  – Mike Wiggins
My notes, 5:36PM Eastern Time: The notions of the Montreal River being clean – the fact is that those tailing piles are very different from the Tyler formation and the overburden you are talking about – the notion of trucking the Tyler overburden out is pure fantasy. The munitions alone are going to toxify anything in that area. Talk to scientists about the munitions. You probably haven’t heard about the munitions …the munitions alone are toxic. – Mike Wiggins
My notes, 5:39PM Eastern Time: 
Grothman says – did the mine company get in touch with you. Mike Wiggins: No. But I listened as Matt Fifield told me they’d hire about 30 locals a year. … I listened as they compared themselves to the MN iron range. .. I was also very puzzled because I listened to them say they were different from the MN iron range – more safe.. I guess it depends on what’s convenient for them. – Mike Wiggins
My notes, 5:41PM Eastern Time: If I were to sit down with Bill Williams, I’d ask him to bring his 250 core samples – but I’d like to ask him why he did not do 1 single exploratory bore hole even though you permitted that 2 years ago.. Every time you meet with the mine co. you learn a little bit more. .. IT’s a shell game. It’s represented in that language where you change the state law to we’ll do no harm to “it’s not likely to casue harm to human health and impacts” 
– Mike Wiggins, leader of Bad River Tribe

My notes from 5:51PM Eastern Time:  USGS will show you that our groundwater is on 50 year recharge – takes that long for it to get to our tap. The notion of 20 years is unbelievable. It represents a language chasm. I listen to Bill Williams of GTAC talk about engineering his way out of problems – setting up containment systems. Even 430 cubic yards..then I tack on the word “perpetuity”. Will GTAC be here forever? Certainly not. Will we be? Yes. There are copper mines that have been leaching acide for 3,000 years. …It’s forever. [are those reclaimed mines] Describe “reclaimed”. The sulfide minerals are there forever. Then what’s reclaimed? A management system? A bearing wall that’ll endure forever? Erosion? Water? Rain? I mean the obliteration of a headwaters in a watershed system is catostrophic for the ecosystem and ultimately is catastrophic for the humans in the system. That is forever. 

-Paraphrased – Mike Wiggins, leader of Bad River Tribe at public hearing on open pit mine.
Fred Clark – is there a practical remedy to remediate the damage if this mine is found toxic? Mike Wiggins: Not in my world. #nominebluecheddar1
My note, 5:46PM Eastern Time: Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber – “would we let a grease fire to continue until the DOJ says that shouldn’t be happening” — (letting you know that if the open pit mine is polluting, there is nothing that will be done until the Dept. of Justice steps in. )
Man from Red Cliff reservation now – "I want to tell you about the importance of our children…" #nomine #WIminebluecheddar1
RT @rebeccakemble: WMC’s Scott Manley finally gets to the point: "This is about attracting investment capital for the project." #wimine Blackthorne
George Newago, Red Cliff: "I’m a blanket-ass Indian from northern WI. I’m here for my children." #wimineRebecca Kemble
George Newago: There’s one thing I know I need #water. Lets not repeat history. #wimineMatthew Dannenberg
Man who just spoke in hearing has arsenic in well. Doesn’t know what to do w. it. But dismisses concerns about mine and water. Huh? #nominebluecheddar1
RT @CoffeeBean26: It took 7.5 hours of testimony before a geologist testified at mining forum #wimine #wipolitics #wiunionWI
Corp of Engineers says 4 yr time frame needed to finish a mine study. WI wants it done in 16 months. Won’t work #wiunion #wimine #wipoliticsCoffee Bean
Rep. Fred Clark is a stand up guy. #wimine #nomineAlex Kurowski
RT @WIConservation: Watching from our jam-packed Capitol HQ and a little reminder of why we’re here. #wimine Bock
Annette O.,mine supporter- "everything’s going to be regulated thru our agencies. We have to trust that our gov’t will do its job" #nominebluecheddar1
RT @cruiskeen: United Sportsmen of Wisconsin is a fairly new group connected to AFP. #wiminebxknits
Building the world’s largest open-pit mine to boost your local economy is like burning down your house to stay warm. #wimineMichael Martin
@GordonHintz asking great questions today about the #wimine … not necessarily getting great answers from its advocates. #nomineAlex Kurowski
Paul DeMain, Lac Court Oreilles mining committee: LCO against legislation because Penokees not an appropriate place to put a mine. #wimineRon Seely
RT @efremj: The #wimine bill doesn’t allow the state of WI or its citizens to challenge the information provided by the mining company.Jennifer Smith
very eloquent testimony from a guy called Justice. "I do not want the new Grand Canyon of the North where I live." #wimineRiver Alliance of WI
Rasmussen: 3/4 of mine is in Ashland Co, all the water drains into Ashland Co. There has never been a hearing in Ashland Co. #wimineRiver Alliance of WI
#wimine Mike Wiggins is hitting it out of the park vs. Grothman.Efrem R. Jasso
RT @riveralliance: Chairman Wiggins is holding no punches: "It’s genocide, fellas" #wimineMariah Selene Clark
RT @rseely: Wiggins, Bad River: "The obliteration of a headwaters is catastrophic . . . and it is forever." #wimine #wismineJLSolomon
#olb stands with Wisconsin. Together we say “STOP THE MINES!” #Wimine #nomine #IdleNoMore Blackthorne
Jesus H. Christ. NRA rep. Brent Gardner says NRA wants long-range shooting area in the proposed reclaimed open pit mine area #nomine #wiminebluecheddar1
My facebook note, 7PM Eastern Time: Oh brother. A NRA representative, Brent Gardner, is talking about creating a long range shooting facility as part of the proposed open pit mine reclamation plans. “This would be regionally the only type of place that would allow us to do it at the scale…” I can tell that Glenn Grothman loves this guy. Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber asks if they couldn’t already to this without the mine – why haven’t you done it yet? Hard to understand his bureacratospeak answer – -I guess the mine company is saying they’ll work to create this huge shooting range?
Room erupts in laughter as BernardSchaber asks if NRA lobbyist is saying they believe there will be MORE wildlife at openpit #wimine.#nominerabbitude
"2 minutes to plead for my life is not enough"- Bad River Tribe member, public hearing on proposed open pit mine in WI
WPR news just said," conservationists believe a #wimine would devastate the pristine area". Is there anyone who believes it wouldn’t?David Dexheimer
"..we will idle no more…we do not want your money or empty promises…you will all learn that you can not eat money"
"That land is ceded territory. We didn’t give you that land for you to destroy it." – member of the Bad River Tribe Gloria Rodriguez #nominebluecheddar1
7:21PM Eastern Time “It [the water from the mine] will all flow through the Mellen gap… people are stunned when I tell them that this goes through a Native nation. People have been oblivious to that fact”
– Frank Koehn, activist against the open pit mine at the public hearing in Madison
RT @rseely: Tribal chair Wiggins: The GOP bill is set to violate treaties, destroys treaty resources and habitat. #wimine #wisminedan_ps
RT @Jenovate: RT @bdgrdemocracy: GTAC – summ. – we’ll give you a detailed plan when you pass this bill and reform the laws. #wimineMariah Selene Clark
#nomine Activist Frank Koehn now up –
Frank Koehn: "All drainage from the mine goes through the Mellen gap to the Bad River and into Odanah, home of the Bad River band." #wimineRebecca Kemble
My facebook note: 

Rep. Shankland of Stevens Point: This opens the door for other companies to have a high capacity well cited next to their project. I”m here to represent the farmers, the fishers, the swimmers..we have serious groundwater issues in the central sands region. I’m here to speak to the portions of this bill that are a threat to our waters everywhere. [she’s given more time to speak] The provisions of this bill opens up provisions for orhter projects – if they can get a high capacity well wherever they want, what’s to stop the gold mine near Wausau from doing the same – there are people who have private wells who have to drill deeper becase of the overuse of our groundwater – also the surface waters are affected…we’ve seen the Plover river drawn down… I”m concerned about the groundwater impacts. ..Frankly I’ve been having these conversations with people for 8 months.

Rep (or Senator? missed that) Kevin Petersen asks for clarification – Rep. Shankland says she’s not 100% against high capacity wells in all areas/cases – but she says that the DNR needs to regulate it as it is now- She said the mine bill opens the door stateside – not just at the proposed mine site – to high capacity wells without regulation of the DNR.
RT @rebeccakemble: Griffiths: "Laws with integrity don’t need to be crafted in secret." #wimineStacy Harbaugh
Griffiths: "GTac has 250 core samples that they’re not letting anyone see. How can you trust them?" #wimineRebecca Kemble
Alex Waters: "If you’re a blood sucking parasite of resource extraction, you’re not welcome here. There will be no Penokee mine." #wimineRebecca Kemble
RT @rebeccakemble: Griffiths: "GTac has 250 core samples that they’re not letting anyone see. How can you trust them?" #wimineJLSolomon
RT @SpudLovr: RT @janbroni: #Solidarity singers at Capitol at noon during #nomine hearing. They were awesome!! #wiunion #wimine O’Blivion
“@rseely: Red Cliff Chippewa: "We don’t want to show our kids what used to be, pictures of fish they can no longer eat." #wimine #wismine”Faith Richter
RT @rebeccakemble: Rep. Katrina Shankland: "Why are we talking about mines when we could be talking about solar?" #wimineFlorence Gray
RT @MidwestAdvocate: Another strong theme from #wimine testimonies: N. WI needs sustainable economic development now, but our wealth is in our natural resources.JLSolomon
Our BrdMemberStacy – "Heard many *opinions* that this bill will cause no problems, but we’ve heard *expert testimony* that it will." #wimineConservation Voters
RT @rebeccakemble: Louise from Winter: "This bill sets up our state agencies to be used like puppets by mining corporations." #wimineWisconsin Defender
Mary Williams put all the pro mining people first. Now it’s all feisty Ashland folks talking up sustainable development. #wimineRebecca Kemble
KellyWestlund, AshlandCityCouncil – Majority of Ashland is against mining, and even those who support mining are against this bill #wimineConservation Voters
Got chatting with a couple who came in from Redcliff for the #nomine hearing while on my way down West Wash. :)Chanter
Salutations to the great Northland College. #wiunion #wimine #nomineFather O’Blivion
RT @CoffeeBean26: OMG! WI mining bill has only a $5000 bond to guarantee saftey over 20 years. That’s a fail #wiunion #wimine #wipoliticsSpud Lovr
CharlieOrtman, AshlandCoSupervisor – We’re trying to protect ourselves, our health and our economic well-being…in that order. #wimineConservation Voters
Ortman: "I’ll be laying on the Penokee Mountains and you’ll run me over with a bulldozer before this is through." #wimineRebecca Kemble
RT @CleanWisconsin: Still a full house at the mining hearing. Mostly opponents sticking it out. #wimine Future
"We’re not gonna let Bad River get tanked. We’re all neighbors up there." #WImineWisconsin Defender
People who fought the last #wimine bill say the conversation is different now. Northerners are seeing past the promise of short-term jobs.Midwest Advocates
Editorial: Legislature should hold mining hearing in northern Wisconsin #wiunion #wimineWisconsin Strong
Walker strip mine bill hearing going so long Eric says he was clean shaven when he woke up this morning. #nomine Hulsey
5th generation farmer: "When you contaminate a well, not sure who’s gonna fix it, but I know who’s gonna end up paying for it." #wimineRebecca Kemble
Democracy in action. Want to get a taste of today’s Wisconsin #mining hearing? Search for #wimine @riverkeeper @NelsonInstituteLynn Broaddus
@c4olson believes "The St Louis R Superfund sites are not related to taconite." #wimine #lol #whatcoloristhesky bub?Nick Milroy
I drove down from Bayfield twice last year but it’s a long trip @DHesselbein: Exactly! This is a sham. “#nomine #wisDemsray reynolds
Let’s Not Forget: The Wetlands ‘Reform’ Law Enables The Mining Bill #wiunion #wiright #p2b #wimine #nomine via @jer45America United
Over 900 million tons of wastes (over 35 years of Phase 1) will be dumped in the wetlands and streams of the Bad River watershed. #wimineHeather Allen
#nomine because poisonous mine waste is bad for #wi our people and our future. If a mine can’t meet safety rules – its not safe!!!Heather Allen
If a tribe sets a water qual std that the mine cannot meet, feds cannit grant mining permit. #wimineRiver Alliance of WI
MT @jvanegeren: Scene from Capitol rotunda while mining hearing going on in hearing room above. #WImine #WiPoliticsBlizzyBe Hussein O
RT @wi_defender: If they put this fucking bill to a public vote, county by county up north, this farce would be over in a heartbeat. #WImineBlizzyBe Hussein O
Great Lakes experts say taconite milling is the largest mercury pollution source in the Lake Superior basin #nomine Hulsey
RT @GordonHintz: Curious – why has no one testified about the health benefits of a giant iron ore strip mine today? #wimineMary
RT @WisconsinStrong: New Wisconsin iron mining bill will be devastating to the environment – #wiunion #wimineLOrion
.@FredClarkWI "clearly this was insufficient. Please consider scheduling a hearing in N. Wisconsin." audience shouts "Shame!" #wimineRebecca Kemble
Remember when Lt. Gov Kleefisch said she wanted to take apart the DNR? #wimine #nomineBrewCity Brawler
RT @StacyHarbaugh: By only having one hearing in Madison, hundreds of miles from the people and places a #wimine will impact, legislators ARE HIDING.Scott DeRuyter
RT @rebeccakemble: Tiffany abruptly adjourns meeting above the shouts of audience members: "When’s the next meeting?" #wimineHeather Allen
After 6 hours on a bus and 8 hours waiting in the capital I got my 2 minutes to testify..totally worth it! #wimine #nomineKaeleen Ringberg
RT @spudlovr: Envision the GTAC open pit mine at other Wisconsin locations #wiunion #wimineWisconsin Strong
RT @rebeccakemble: Kalene: "If this GTac really had good intentions they wouldn’t have lied to us from day 1." #wiminenetminnow
RT @riveralliance: "stripmining is a lazy legislative strategy"– a snappy northern resident #wimineAlesia Bock
RT @CoffeeBean26: WOW! mining company refuses to release ore samples for outside study #wiunion #wipolitics #wimineWisconsin Strong
The #wimine bill would nullify the existing rules that prevent damage from mines. We need rules. Even Exxon thinks so. Allen
RT @ktuerk: #wimine hearing continues as #idlenomore rallies outside Capitol.
RT @WIConservation: Students from Northland College testifying: "Maybe next time we can meet at our place?" #wimineKelly Westlund
From the mouths of babes MT @WIConservation: Madeline, 11 year old from Bad River: "It’s like cutting down a tree to grab a leaf." #wimineBrian Austin
RT @SeleneMSC: RT @riveralliance: did I mention that this bill requires no consultation with tribes? See the problem here? #wimineFather O’Blivion
RT @jlrinmke: Waited 12 hours and didn’t get to testify. Still smiling. #WIMine O’Blivion
This is how a public hearing ends in Wisconsin now. Just before the republican chair gavels the hearing to a close, with 100 puls/minus people not having testified as yet, the doors open and the capitol goon squad enters. People are asking why they weren’t allowed to testify, people are yelling facist, Representative Fred Clark, Democrat, is trying to protest over the din because chair Sen Tom Tiffany apparently forgot their agreement that Rep Clark could speak at the end. Cops in the back are questioning Rep Chris Taylor as to why she is holding up the process of clearing the room but she is trying to get the names and contact info of the ones that were refused the right to give their testimony. Many had been waiting for 8-12 hours. A big, burly guy leaves the room, Rep Taylor asks him if he had been able to testify, he said he was just observing, he had an ID tag with ‘ Ron Johnson’ tag on it, said he was just observing, he walks out, another man walks in and makes a comment about man and JOhnson, Johnson’s guy turns on a dime and gets into face of man coming into room, cops encircle the two and start in on guy coming into room, follow him down hall – three cops. Johnson rep laughs and gets on elevator. Our state capitol has became a police state in Feb of 2011. Will we survivie this?
Names listed on the Wisconsin Eye video.  I believe these people are either on the committee who took testimony, or are individuals who delivered testimony. 
Allen, Dan
Bainbridge, Brian
Barca, Peter
Bender, Beatrice
Bernard Schaber, Penny
Big John, Brooks
Bjornerud, Marcia
Butter, Andrew
Cannon, John
Chapman, Sr., Eric
Clark, Fred
Coakley, Ann
Connors, Frank
Corbine, Anthony
Craig, Stacy
Darling, Alberta
Defoe, Marvin
Doersch, Carl
Ehlert, Edie
Ewing, Steven
Gardner, Brent
Grasser, Rebecca
Griffiths, Scott
Grothman, Glenn
Grzezinski, Dennis
Hartlev, Jill
Henning, Anna
Hintz, Gordon
Honadel, Mark
Hulsey, Brett
Iverson, Derek
Jauch, Robert
Kapenga, Chris
Kelly, Chris
Knodl, Dan
Koehn, Frank
Kolesar, Leslie
Konopacki, Larry
Koosmann, Margaret
Kuglitsch, Mike
Larson, Tom
Lehman, John
Lourigan, Celeste
Manley, Scott
Mann, Robert
Martines, Sarah
Matyska, Chuck
Meyer, George
Miller, Diana
Miller, James
Miller, Ron
Milroy, Nick
Nasi, Wayne
Nass, Jeff
Nelson, Pat
Ohnstad, Tod
Olsen, Annette
Ortman, Charles
Patritto, Chris
Pelkola, Gary
Petersen, Kevin
Rasmussen, Pete
Rasmussen, Russ
Rassmussen, Russ
Roberts, Don
Rodriguez, Gloria
Shankland, Katrina
Stone, Jeffrey
Suder, Scott
Thorp, Tyler
Tiffany, Tom
Waters, Alexander
Westlund, Kelly
Wiggins, Luanne
Wiggins, Madeline
Wiggins, Michael
Williams, Bill
Williams, Mary
With, Barbara
Zamarripa, JoCasta
Zocher, Erika
Zorn, Jim

One thought on “Collected tweets from the open pit mine public hearing in Wisconsin

  1. When did Wisconsin lose a government of the people, by the people and for the people? The citizens of Wisconsin’s far north didn’t even have the courtesy of a Public Hearing in their own neck of the (beautiful) woods.

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