The Weekly Cheddar

Here’s my collection of must-read Wisconsin stories from the week. If I missed something grand, please give me a comment about it.

Public Hearing on Open Pit Mine
Here’s Mike Wiggins of Bad River Tribe taking his turn during a 12 hour hearing on a proposed open pit mine planned to run through the Penokee hills, the Village of Mellen, and waters that his tribe considers sacred. He says “genocide” is the inevitable result. See many tweets and full hearing video over here.

Walkergate Update: Brian Pierick took a plea deal.

Madison Is Awesome
The website 24/7 Wall Street has ranked Madison, Wisconsin the 2nd-best-run city in the United States. I would expect nothing else from this city of unions thugs and radical leftists. 🙂

Jon Stewart Does His Thing
I’m finally watching Jon tell Paul Ryan “you built that takers vs. makers shit”.

Scott Walker proclaimed the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to be “Protect Life Day” and in so doing, he also formally declared that the court decision “usurped” the ability of government to “protect its citizens”. Does Saturday Night Live already have somebody on staff to play Scott?

Glenn Grothman unveiled a plan to fast-track all legislation by circumventing the Secretary of State. Looks like Wisconsin Soap Box caught this story before anybody else did.

GOP Runs the Capitol Press Corps
Dylan Brogan lets you know that the GOP-dominated state legislature is now directly controlling who gets a Capitol press pass (and that Dick Wheeler used to take care of all of that to everybody’s satisfaction). However there’s nothing in there about how the former WCCA shut out citizen journalists and how its AP members disparaged Arthur Kohl-Riggs.

Budget Bluster
Scott Walker, his affiliates, and the Wisconsin press crowed about a projected $484 million dollar budget surplus. Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse did a lot more than reprint a press release. Jake says the surplus lasts for 5 months.

Clarke’s Gun Fever
Milwaukee County’s Sheriff David Clarke advocates get yer gun vigilante justice. I am not kidding.

Ron Johnson’s Very Bad Week
Plastics manufacturer and Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson harangued Hillary. Some folks say she then handed him *ahem* “his balls”. RoJo replied that Secretary Clinton used evasive “theatrics”. And the right wing predictably circulated photos of Hillary being angry. [Angry woman! Scary! Boo!]

John Kerry took the gentle approach and reminded the Wisconsin senator that if only he attended a briefing on the matter he would know what’s going on.

“Liberals” are “irate” that filibuster reform is watered-down, says The Hill. Maybe it’s more like the progressives are mad because some powerful liberals are happy with the stalemate status quo.

Stuff like this was hot on facebook:

I can think of nothing more soul-lifting for me from the week than seeing Dr. Margaret Rozga give Scott Walker what’s for right in front of him at the Capitol’s MLK event. More background on that here.

Warning: LOLs ahead
A chuckle-generating way to get your Grothman updates: Are you there God? It’s me Glenn.


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