Bayfield County Board says NO to “responsible mining” resolution in 11 to 1 vote


A dancer in the gathering outside of the Bayfield County meeting. Photo by Barbara Gadbois

This is a note from Bayfield County resident Roy Settgas:
“I came in a couple minutes late but never heard any public comments in favor of the resolution or the state bill or GTAC mining. the process went on for a couple hours. several dozen people spoke in opposition. many tribal members spoke. as usual, great power generated from the heartfelt & wise words, and in this case a good outcome to it all!”

He also noted, for clarification, that “they were voting on one proposed resolution, which was supportive of “responsible mining” but not terribly clear on what that was or how it related to current state legislative proposals. The resolution was voted down in large part because the board member who offered it felt like the intent was being misinterpreted and he decided he didn’t want to put out something so subject to misinterpretation. That seems like a good move on his part to me.”

Northlands Newscenter described the small board room in Washburn, Wisconsin as “packed” with opposition to mining – and by the photos I’ve seen on facebook that is accurate. But Northlands Newscenter describes the resolution as supportive of “environmentally sound mining and restoration”. In my opinion there’s less evidence that “environmentally sound mining” exists than there is that Hodags roam the woods of Rhinelander (and there’s possibly even less investigation into the science of the matter by the Wisconsin press).

Barbara With did a write-up on the meeting [who also includes photos]:

Last year, the Ashland County Ad Hoc Committee on Responsible Mining withdrew their support of a “responsible” mining resolution that was pushed through the Ashland County Board in July 2012.

Bayfield County Board members made it clear last night that any mining resolution from Bayfield County would go through the county tribal relations committee. Some are suggesting that a No Mining Resolution be adopted, much like the one Madeline Island passed in January 2012.

Before the meeting last night, local Red Cliff and Bad River members and their supporters held an Idle No More circle. Red Cliff and Bad River Bands of Lake Superior Chippewa made a strong showing to send the powerful statement that there will be no mines.

Note: After Roy Settgas offered more information, I updated the title to “NO to “responsible mining” resolution” from its previous “NO to mining”.


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