Reading Wisconsin’s electoral college tea leaves

As updates on this story emerge I will add them to the bottom of this post. Update 1: 01/31

I assume you’ve read about Reince Priebus’ electoral college scheme.

The Five Thirty Eight blog has a nifty piece on it which includes this chart to let you know how the recent presidential election might have turned out if electoral college votes were assigned by congressional districts.

Three days ago Scott Walker took a moment from his usual “big government public-employee union bosses” chat with Newsmax to let his adoring fans know he thinks Reince’s idea is “interesting”. Over the weekend that turned into an expression of “concern” about repercussions. Like how Wisconsin would be “irrelevant” in presidential campaigns.

Irrelevant? Try “LOST”. America only sees our state on a map every 4 years because of this battleground shit.

I’ve seen at least one blogger say that Walker is trying to keep his job now, so we’ve got less to worry about with regard to this electoral college stuff. I disagree. You can not trust Scott Walker as far as you can push him in a parade while he’s wearing those mom jeans.

If it’s any consolation to you, Scott’s not happy these days either. It’s killing this faux moderate to sneak out a “Protect Life Day” under cover of night by courier instead of announcing it on the capitol square with an “Open for Pregnancy” sticker on his podium.

Kidding aside, I think it’s more likely that he’ll drop a new voter ID bill in the midnight hour before the election. The Wisconsin GOP have invested so much time on legitimizing that poll tax and face it, the brainwashing’s been working.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say Walker is pressured to go with Reince’s scheme – perhaps to ensure Paul Ryan wins his home state in a presidential run. Walker can’t do this too early.

If he does it too early, then he has to come up with some fantastic story to justify it and then flood the airwaves with it. I admit we HAVE seen how much money can get dumped here when a Koch brother puts his mind to it. It could go something like this: “Blah, blah, constitution, blah, forefathers, blah blah, electoral college” Right wing trolls hired for twitter and facebook and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel comment section and Sykes, McKenna, and Belling are applied as usual to the topic. Lastly, the farmers get billboards. THE IDEA IS SOLD!

But if it’s done too far in advance and there isn’t full buy-out of TV stations in Wisconsin [I just read that even more media consolidation is likely to get OK’d by THE FCC] then media owners could get angry. Think of the lost revenue on presidential election ads! What stations will be cooperative with Scott Walker then?

Bomb dropped. And then? Skids Greased
The bill Glenn Grothman proposed to bypass Wisconsin’s Secretary of State is out of committee and already through the senate as of today. It’ll be quickly blessed by the boot shiners in the Assembly. If we bypassed Doug LaFollette’s office in 2011, how would Judge Sumi have had time to halt legal publication of Wisconsin Act 10? Yes. That’s the idea. This GOP legislature wants to have the option to smack the populace hard with something before they know what hit ’em.

Ultimately, I’m not worried about the electoral college scheme. [I’m losing enough sleep as it is over the sand mining, the iron mine, and the oncoming school voucher schemes and that’s just the tip of the cheeseberg.] The GOP needs a compliant set of states to get this conspiracy off the ground. I know it’s crazy to imagine, but sometimes these conservatives do not function well collectively. So far it’s a no-go in Virginia and the Michigan governor is poo-pooing it.

Update 1:
Politico helps put that new moderate Scott image out there with a mining twist. Note that not only is he “wary” now, but his position in front of the flag ensures you will see the miner on it.

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