Wacky. New Wisconsin State Journal article on mine that would tear up tribal lands makes no mention of tribe.

Hey kids.  Once again no mention of the Bad River Tribe in an article that is about a mine that is slated to destroy the tribe’s sacred lands and break treaties with them and pollute the aquifers for miles and remove monitoring of aforementioned pollution and such and so forth.

I guess when native people speak, this is what the mostly pale-complected Wisconsin Republicans hear:

Same thing happens to some newspapers.  It’s a puzzlement.

But it mirrors the deliberate exclusion of tribal governments from the bill as requested in this here drafting note for the bill (if you missed the news, yes, well, it seems the mining corporation Gogebic Taconite got caught giving the Wisconsin GOP some orders about this bill recently and … well… some documents were exposed that show that… and AWKWARD.  But notice the request to change note below says the Army Corp. of Engineers now “shall” be met with. Gracious by comparison!):


Anyway, at least this new Wisconsin State Journal article on the mine does not sink to the grimy depths to which the latest M.J.Sentinel article sunk to.

What it does have:

-a reversion back to the lingo “mine” instead of “open pit mine”

-palliatives from Rep. Scott Suder and Rep. Robin Vos and a promise to change the bill next week

-Suder promising that language is added to the bill that “would require that the company meet with the Army Corps both before and during the permit process”.  This suggests that the world “shall meet with” in the leaked document noted above will be upgraded to “will”(?)

-acknowledgement of the existence of the Army Corps of Engineers (those science guys that the GOP forgot to invite to their hearing the other week.  By the way, I heard a rumor that the Army Corps of Engineers learned of the public hearing from the TV and came to the Capitol building quick as they could so as to not miss the event. “Grab your jacket!”)

-doubtful words about the whole shibang from Rep. Fred Clark of Sauk City, Rep. Janet Bewley of Ashland, and Rep. Hulsey of Madison

-mention of Senators Tim Cullen and Dale Schultz’s alternate bill “which does not include any changes to environmental laws” Also note: “A meeting on that bill is scheduled for Feb. 9 in Ashland”

– And this:

“Cullen said current law prohibits mining if the DNR finds a site “unsuitable,” meaning that mining is “reasonably expected” to destroy or irreparably damage specific ecological features. The Republicans’ proposal would change that language, Cullen said, to deem a site unsuitable only if “it is more probable than not” that mining would damage the site.

Such changes in language, Cullen said, are more favorable to a mining company and could put the DNR in the position of having to grant exemptions from protections.

If there’s one thing you’ve learned about the DNR my dairyland friends, it’s that the Republicans of our fair state hate the agency.

Remember who it’s new head honcho is?  See below:


Cathy Stepp at a tax protest. She threw in a shot at President Obama for regulating carbon dioxide emissions. “My own breath will be regulated?” she asked.




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