February 11th is coming (The anniversary of Scott Walker “Dropping The Bomb” on Wisconsin)

I thought Wisconsin readers would appreciate an early warning.

For my non-Wisconsin readers, “the bomb” refers to the austerity and union-busting measures that Walker initially called a “Budget Repair Bill”.

I know some of you will revel in the memory of the very first protest in Appleton, Wisconsin which sprang up outside of the newspaper offices of the local newspaper where Scott Walker was giving an interview.
Or you’ll remember your first night sleeping in the Capitol building or the days spent in the streets picketing.

You may want to attend a formal rally or informational talk [see bottom of post for details].

Or perhaps you’ll stage your own event, maybe constructing a large faux Scott Walker to burn.
(Note: In some locations you’ll need a burning permit for that.)

You may also want to mentally ready yourself for a set of trite and true statements that tumble from our lips at this time of year.

From recall volunteer friends: “If it weren’t for Scott Walker we wouldn’t have been brought together like this.”

From die-hard protesters: “If only everybody would come back to the Capitol building…”

From Socialists: “If only we had all gone on a general strike.”

From your conservative brother: “Fuggedaboutit. You lost.”

From Scott Walker: “Blah blah Hard working men and women blah blah prudent…tough choices…jobs. . . jobs. . . jobs. . . . Green Bay Packers… Iron mine… Blah.”

From The Democratic Party: “GIVE US MONEY.”


ACT 10 Panel Discussion with Rep. Peter Barca/AFSCME/WEAC
Monday, February 11, 2013
6:30pm until 8:00pm
10 S. Washington Street (beside Larducci’s Pizza)
Elkhorn, WI

Two years later, tens of thousands of Wisconsin families are dealing with the fallout from Scott Walker’s ACT 10 legislation.
Please join Representative Peter Barca, AFSMCE research analyst Martha Merrill and WEAC Vice President Betsy Kippers to talk about the uncertain future of ACT 10 and its effect on the state of Wisconsin.
More details at the facebook event

Join Rep. Mandy Wright to discuss the state of education
Wednesday, February 13
Argus Bar and Grill
123 E. Main, Madison
“Rep. Wright is working to strengthen the state’s public school system and we need your help to continue. Join her for this fundraiser to discuss your ideas and concerns. Suggested donation is $75.
Update 02/11:
“Due to previously-unknown and very technical Assembly rules, this event is no longer a fundraiser. No donations will be accepted. That said, what I value most is your input and hope you can join us to discuss how we can improve our public school system and our children’s education. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday!”
More details at this facebook event page.

Nuns on the Bus at 13th Annual Clergy-Labor Breakfast
Thursday, February 14
8AM – 10AM
Holy Wisdom Monastery, 4200 Co. Hwy. M, Middleton.

“The Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice of South Central Wisconsin holds its 13th Annual Clergy-Labor Breakfast on Thursday, February 14, from 8 – 10 am, at Holy Wisdom Monastery, 4200 Co. Hwy. M, in Middleton.
This year’s keynote speaker is Sister Simone Campbell, the leader of Nuns on the Bus, a group of Catholic nuns who’ve toured the country bringing attention to the plight of the poor and the important role of government in addressing the issue of poverty. Sister Campbell is also the Executive Director of NETWORK, a Catholic social justice organization that has lobbied around issues such as immigration reform, peace and healthcare.
Tickets for the event are $25. Contact Becky Schigiel at organizer@workerjustice.org to reserve your spot, or call 608-255-0376.” – from a SCFL email

February 14 Anniversary
Thursday, February 14, 2013
Library Mall

Two years after the historic Wisconsin Uprising, “the fire still burns!” The struggle to protect quality public education and workers’ rights continues in our state and our communities. Please join the TAA and UFAS (United Faculty and Academic Staff) on Thursday, February 14th starting at Library Mall at 4:30 pm for a march to the Capitol at 5:00 pm.

The Solidarity Sing Along will gather outside the Capitol at 4:45 pm. “The fire still burns” candlelight vigil, organized by Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), will begin at 5:15 pm. After the gathering around the Capitol, we’ll move to Brocach on the square from 6 pm-12 am for a Solidarity Celebration, commemorating the day that sparked the Wisconsin Uprising. Participants of the uprising are doing amazing things all over Madison and beyond… let’s get together again! Come out to support the TAA and all your local allies!
More at the facebook event.


One thought on “February 11th is coming (The anniversary of Scott Walker “Dropping The Bomb” on Wisconsin)

  1. The more important fact is Act 10 austerity has been a disaster for Wisconsin. Who would have thought that pulling hundreds of millions of dollars per year out of the economy would cause an economic slowdown? Oh wait; EVERYONE expected that except right-wing ideologues!

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