Same-sex marriage clears major hurdle in France. Bust a move!

“The French National Assembly has approved the most important article of a bill to legalise same-sex marriage.

Deputies voted 249-97 in favour of redefining marriage as being an agreement between two people – not just between a man and a woman.”

It’ ain’t over – “Debates are expected to go on for more than a week, as MPs discuss hundreds of amendments, most of them filed by the centre-right opposition.” – but this is a huge milestone.

U.S. media has given us few glimpses of the protests for and against gay marriage in France, but just so ya know, protests have raged in the streets for months.

Here’s one snapshot of a dance-in-the-streets scene:
The booming music, cracks of exploding shells, and cheers of encouragement for the police from La Manif gave the scene a surreal feeling. I looked down at a puddle of blood while Flo-Rida’s track blasted from La Manif’s truck, “OHH SOMETIMES I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING, YEAH!!!!” – source: VICE

I always get a good feeling when freedom busts a move. May it keep on going and congrats France!

P.S. – Hat tip to First Draft for the good news


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