Did Scott Walker’s budget cuts hurt Wisconsin’s economy? Does a bear…

Check out the closing sentences from Mike Ivey’s recent Cap Times article:

University of Missouri economist Thomas is skeptical of government subsidies to private business in general. He notes that for the $600 million Wisconsin handed out to private business in 2011, it could have hired more than 9,500 state workers, each at an average salary and benefit package of $63,000.

“What Wisconsin needs to do is invest more in education and infrastructure and less in subsidies to business,” he says. “That is the path to long-term growth.”

That would be contrary to a primary Walker goal: depress wages here so that we are “Open for Business” as promised.


If you were seeking any transparency in the Scott Walker administration, there it is. He has held up the bumper sticker during speeches. He has changed the signs at the borders. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Open for Business” were tattooed on his …

No, no – I won’t go there and I don’t need to. Unfortunately, all of Wisconsin gets the picture.

Full Mike Ivey article: “Did Scott Walker’s budget cuts hurt economy? Some economists think so”


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