Minnesota Governor digs at Scott Walker in state of the state speech

It’s strangely reassuring to know that our governor is irritating as hell to millions and millions of people (including governors) beyond our borders. The video will start where Minnesota Gov. Dayton is about to bring up Wisconsin.

Walker and Dayton have been exchanging thorny comments for a while now.

A couple of weeks ago Scott Walker sent out this Tweet:

In ’11, IL raised taxes on income by 66% & businesses by 46%. Now MN Gov is proposing a $2 bil tax increase. WI is Open for Business.

According to MinnPost, Dayton fired back.
“Gov. Walker’s economy is faring far worse than Minnesota’s over the last couple of years,” our DFL govenor said. “I would suggest Gov. Walker focus on his problems, and we’ll deal with bettering Minnesota.”

Part of that tax increase will go to restoration of monies taken away from public education – nearly $600 million in early education through higher education funding.

Here’s a visual snapshot of the differences between our two states from that same Minnpost article:

Minnesota isn’t looking that bad-off and it’s not like you need a passport or visa to go. Did you also happen to notice that in November the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) party got a majority in both houses of the Minnesota legislature? This has to suck the wind out of the Minnesota Tea Party pols that were warring so badly with Dayton some time back that they shut down Minnesota government for a spell.

If you want to stay in a state much like Wisconsin, relocating to Minnesota has always been a great option. Now with the divergent politics between our states and what Walker’s doing to education, you’d have to be nuts not to check out jobs in Minnesota if you plan to stay in any field related to public education. (Naturally I want you to stay in my state but… you know…I understand.) The corporateer charter and voucher school “deformers” are going to be advancing upon us shortly.


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