The Weekly Cheddar

Greetings cheeseheads and out-of-state agitators. This is my weekly collection of important political news and views from around the state. If I missed a biggie, leave me a note in a comment, please. Thanks!

Give me triple the sales tax in Wisconsin and hold the income tax… Oh wait. No. Not just yet. Mike Ivey has a bit more on this at Huebsch floats sales tax hike idea; Walker shoots it down

Wisconsin is one of the top 10 states people are fleeing right now. It’s just not working, Scott.

Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota made a little joke about Scott Walker in his state of the state address. I have the video ready to go over here for you.

Groups come to Capitol building to ask Scott Walker to accept federal $ for expanded Medicaid
Citizen Action of Wisconsin is leading the most visible push for expanded healthcare in Wisconsin, but a range of citizen and private groups have been advocating for this – such as AARP and the Wisconsin Hospital Association. It’s expected Walker will make his decision by February 20th when he delivers a budget address.

Report by Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) damning to Palermo’s management:
“The timing of the dismissals immediately following the unionization drive, coupled with a range of other anti-union actions by this employer prior to the terminations…provide compelling evidence that the dismissals were the result of the company’s anti-union animus, making them unlawful under both U.S. and international labor standards.”
Full report

Actor James Cromwell was arrested at UW Madison while protesting cruel experimentation on cats
At my post you can see the video of Cromwell getting arrested and read what scientists say on the matter.

Petition to remove cop from police force crashes City of Madison email system “Messages generated by an online petition on calling for Madison officials “to get police officer Stephen Heimsness off the streets of Madison” has overwhelmed the city’s email system, forcing it to temporarily block emails from the site…” More at Isthmus

All WI Supreme Court candidates met up at a Milwaukee forum Thursday, Dem candidates met in Sun Prairie forum Bruce Vielmetti wrote a good piece about the Milwaukee event in M.J.S. I can’t find a write-up on the Sun Prairie forum, but here are photos on facebook.

Reminder: 100 Weeks Later, the Solidarity Sing Along Continues to Protest Loudly and Proudly in the WI Capitol by Wisco Wherls

Walker spoke to Wisconsin members of the NRA Friday. Oh, that photo says so much. Wausau Daily Herald has a basic article.

And in other weapon news, we have a new bill proposed by Joel “What could possibly go wrong” Kleefisch: GOP lawmaker’s bill would allow crossbow hunting near schools, hospitals

This story made it all the way to San Francisco: WEDC head asks for $200 million in pension funds

Skyward to sue Wisconsin 300 Stevens Point jobs hang in the balance. I’m curious: If this goes to trial, will Walker’s administration be embarrassed by new documents made public? More at FYI, there’s a facebook page for Skyward now.

Austerity squeeze on our schools makes national magazine It might not be new information for education advocates here, however I appreciate that a wider audience is learning that Walker’s cuts don’t amount to magic education fairy dust. – “Property Tax Revenue Limits Squeeze School Budgets” by Dylan Scott in Governing Magazine

Today (Sat. February 9th) an all-day listening session on the GOP’s proposed mining bill will take place at the Americinn in Ashland and begin at 9AM. IndianCountryTV will provide live coverage. In case you missed it, the Assembly and Senate mine bills were revamped ever so slightly this week. It’s lipstick on a pig. Political Environment has a piece on that. If you’d like details on the listening session, try this.

February 11th is the anniversary of Walker dropping the bomb on us. More here on the rally and forum coming Monday and Thursday.


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