You are entitled to these funny valentines, Wisconsin

I collected a few funny valentines for you today, Wisconsin,  because I know you’re going to need a good laugh if you read Walker’s “Entitlement Reform” powerpoint.   Or if you watch him present it to the WMC [WisEye video link].

From Ruth Conniff:

During the speech to business lobbyists, the Governor’s office tweeted out the Power Point detailing Walker’s modest proposal: “From Dependence to Independence – Entitlement Reform in WI.  

…”The power point presentation should have been called “How Food and Medical Care Make the Poor Lazy.

She’s got the lowdown on this for you HERE.


See more SCOTUS valentines at Georgetown Law Weekly


They have a big pile of puritanical valentines at College Humor.





Annnnd I have five more silly valentines right over HERE


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