Greasy legislative pig. Mike Ellis floats plan to avoid Wisconsin circuit and appellate courts.

The AP says that Republican State Senator Mike Ellis sent an email to his colleagues on Thursday hoping to muster support for a bill that would “..require the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take any lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of state statutes directly and decide the matter within 150 days.”   Visiting the circuit court or appellate courts to get to the Wisconsin state supreme court would be out of the picture.

That would move things faster than a greased pig compared to the existing system.

Which reminds me of another smelly mess –  that 2013 mine bill out of Senator Tiffany’s office by way of the corporate chute installed in the Capitol last year.

Without a plan like Ellis’, that bill could be blocked by any number of over 200 circuit court judges after Walker signs it.   The circuit court judges are individuals who don’t operate with the speed of a bobsled runner and they don’t provide “certainty” for that mine bill with their possible upholding of our constitution’s Public Trust Doctrine.

But the supreme court …   It’s not going to get in the way of the mine bill.  Unless we get Roggensack out.

Here’s the AP’s brief piece to the Milwaukee J.S. entitled “Senate leader wants Supreme Court to hear law challenges”


More info:  “How a case moves through the courts”  –  a diagram of Wisconsin’s court system.


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