Oh no. USA Today notices Wisconsin again.

USA today logo spoof by Michael Martin

I just tossed all common sense out the window and read a USA Today article entitled, “Winds of protest still blow around Wisconsin Capitol”

For your possible edification or entertainment I now rebut 3 elements of the tale.

The piece quotes academic Joe Heim as saying “..the governor has moved on from the divisive union issues that fueled past protests and has not given any signal that he will include measures in his new budget that will spur more massive protests.”

Probably this is correct if Right to Work (for less) stays out of the picture.

Then Heim is quoted as saying this:
“He has been moving toward the middle and sounding more conciliatory”

Mr. Heim should avoid country roads. With his operating definition of “middle”, I expect he’d be two tires into the gravel and launching into the ditch.

Scott Walker is rejecting over $4 billion in Medicaid dollars from the federal government when Gov. Jan Brewer is accepting the same kind of “Obamacare” bucks for Arizona.

Scott Walker is telling the poor they must work for their food stamps.

Scott Walker’s DNR chief Cathy Stepp is turning a kids’ nature center into a corporate controlled outfit that trains people how to kill animals.

Scott Walker wants to put the world’s largest open pit mine next door to the world’s largest fresh water lake.

Scott Walker stands with Wisconsin Right to Life – that organization that is against not only abortion but contraception. (For a good time, call their pregnancy center hotline and chat about The Pill: 1-877-877-9027). In fact, Walker’s top water carriers Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos just vowed to make a transvaginal ultrasound bill their TOP priority.

Glossing Over the Facts
When we reach the end of the article, we encounter the words of Wisconsin DOA’s mouthpiece, Stephanie Marquis:
“Both state and federal court cases have found that permit requirements are constitutional and do not infringe on free speech.”

Sure. In some cases in some courts at some time… Jesus. That’s so vague it has a sedative effect.

In December of 2011 the DOA released a new Capitol building policy that was so scintillating it launched out of flyover country and into the national press. As F’d up as The Press is, it still takes note when free speech comes at a price of $50 per hour – the DOA’s new charge for policing protesters who formally seek to speak up under permit in the state’s space (Gawd Bless ‘Murika!). That policy also, so DOA said, held the state legally harmless for injuries or loss of life sustained at the hands of the officers earning those 50 clams. It also said protesters could assemble in the Capitol in public spaces that would be designated at the whim of the DOA instead of by decades of precedent. Also, under DOA’s new policy, if you got a notion to assemble and speak freely with 3 or more of your comrades, then the DOA would call y’all a “rally”. More here.

It is “Solidarity Sing Along”

Here’s a clarification on terminology.

Quote: “(Gov.) Scott Walker will never push us out, this house was made for you and me,” sang the makeshift choir that calls itself the Solidarity Singers…”

“Solidarity Sing Along” is technically an event and not a group. Calling the folks that sing and protest “Solidarity Singers” is as much a verbal faux pas as calling Aaron Rodgers a “huddler” because he makes a circle with some some other guys on a field.

Even the Solidarity Sing Along page contains no special members. It is an affiliated public facebook page with individuals of many stripes that “like” it. If there is a list of individuals who are recorded as singing and protesting, that would be the one kept by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and used for punitive purposes – a product of the body’s surveillance by security cameras, police-held cameras, deliberate documentation, and online tracking.

Final Note
If you really want to catch up with singing and protest in Wisconisn, try reading this piece by Wisco Wherls at Daily Kos: 100 Weeks Later, the Solidarity Sing Along Continues to Protest Loudly and Proudly in the WI Capitol

Final Final Note
Dear Wisconsin DOA: FYYFF.


Credit: the Gannett icon spoof is by Michael Martin.


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