Rambling Tuesday primary post

I’m trying something different today. This is going to be what I’ll call a “rambling” post of updates throughout the day, maybe evening. I’m feeling “under the weather” as they say. I’ll start with some voting resources but be warned there will be facebook photos, videos, and at least one animated GIF.


If only I had some espresso, maybe I wouldn’t be rambling today.

Madison Information:

Free Rides from Union Cab to Vote:
“Don’t forget to vote in the Spring Primary on Tuesday, February 19th. As usual, Union Cab will be providing free rides between your home and the polling place.” – from their facebook page

There are primaries for seats on the
Common Council (districts 2, 13 and 15)
on the Madison School Board (seat 5)

Resources and My Suggestions
Common Council
League of Women Voters of Dane County information

District 2: I feel good about Zellers and Post based on what I’m reading at Forward Lookout.
But because Arthur Kohl-Riggs has been such an exemplary citizen and activist in the last two years, and because he was unfairly booted from the ballot, I feel I must write him in for my own District 2 vote.

If you are in District 13, I urge you to vote for Damon Terrell. He is one of those astonishingly wise young, dedicated activists who arose out of the occupation. He is the current president of Autonomous Solidarity Organization which you may remember initiated a popular annual philanthropic fund-raiser called the “People’s Brat Fest”. It’s been a great inspiration and pleasure to meet and observe his activism these past two years.
You can hear Joe Tarr interview Damon Terrell regarding his campaign at this SoundCloud link.

Also, John Quinlan interviewed a panel of ASO members, Damon Terrell included, on January 14th.

Madison School Board
League of Women Voters of Dane County information

I’m inclined to vote for T.J. Mertz on this one, although if Sarah Manski wins, I will also be pleased. T.J. is somebody that I demonstrated with when Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan came to Madison. A small group assembled that day on short notice at East High School to send a message against Duncan’s mission of public school privatization. After, we gathered at a coffee house and talked education policy. It was clear to me then that not only does T.J. make the improvement of public education his main and passionate focus, he is deeply knowledgeable about what is at work at the local, state, and national level. Another thing: he is a human dynamo. Anybody who serves on a local governmental body in hyper-political Madison needs vast quantities of energy, so that’s a feather in his cap. Here’s TJ’s web site


Stuff I wrote in the morning:

GAB’s site is matching your IP to name/birth date if you let them

I DO want to direct you to the G.A.B. site to look over your ballot and review your poll site – with a dash of caution.

The G.A.B., I finally noticed, has switched over to using a site called My Vote to dispense site-specific voting information. The thing I quibble with is that My Vote Wisconsin logs the IP address of every computer used to access it* AND the site’s design suggests that you must enter your name and birth date to access basic information, which is not so.
If you go over to the left side of the screen and click on “Address” to find
–polling location
–what’s on your ballot
you will not need to enter name and birth date.

My Vote Wisconsin web site

Click to enlarge:

Christian Fascism FYI

As a public service, I’m letting you know that not only does fascism come draped in a flag and waving a cross, it propagates on this libertarian, anarchist, Christian’s popular tumblr.

Click to enlarge:

I’m nobody’s slave and I never will be (you only understand why I just wrote if you enlarged that image).

I think I’ll keep this digital memento as a reminder of why I so stubbornly persist.

Primary reason most people are voting in this primary is…

Rule Number One about the Wisconsin Supreme Court — never talk about the Wisconsin Supreme Court
It’s Ed Fallone vs. Vince Megna in today’s primary.
It looks to me that Ed’s going to win this. Frankly, either candidate is fine by me.

Protest Scott Walker Wednesday
Wisconsin Jobs Now! is pulling together this protest to occur just before Walker delivers his budget address. They’re focusing on the fact that he refused over $4 billion dollars in Medicaid money (EXCELLENT reason to protest).
They are coordinating rides down to Madison from Wausau and Milwaukee. More info HERE.
“Walker: You Won’t Get Away With This” Protest
4PM, Wednesday, Feb. 20
Room 415 NW, State Capitol, Madison
Rides available from Milwaukee, Wausau

* as stated in this memo to clerks from last year. – From the note on GAB’s web site MY VOTE


Protect MacKenzie Environmental Center
To pre-register to speak about the proposal to turn the MacKenzie Environmental Center into a Hunting Center, for the Wed. Feb. 27 NRB meeting, email or call by Tue. at 4 – Laurie Ross, the Natural Resources Board liaison for the DNR Sec. office laurie.ross@wisconsin.gov, (608) 267-7420. Or you can send in a written opinion by Friday. Testimony starts at 1 pm under section 4A of the agenda – [info came via Genie Ogden]

See Wisconsin Natural Resources Board
February 26 – 27, 2013 agenda and meeting materials
for full details.


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