Springtime for Karl Rove in Germany

The Tea Party Patriots had to apologize to Karl Rove on Tuesday:
“Earlier today, an e-mail under the Tea Party Patriots banner included a photo-shopped image of Karl Rove in a Nazi uniform. This image was not approved by Tea Party Patriots, and the e-mail approved by Tea Party Patriots did not include the image….”

Karl Rove (A.K.A. “Reichsfuhrer”) was a good sport about it:
In a statement provided to The Daily Caller on Tuesday afternoon, Rove said, “Apology accepted. Now let’s all get back to work building conservative Republican majorities and stop President Obama’s agenda.”

Rove’s been in the conservative dog house for a while for creating the Conservative Victory Project, a fund designed to protect Senate incumbents from upstart far-right conservative challengers.

It’s so unfair to Karl. If you’re a Nazi for trying to take your party to the middle – what message does this send to the true autocrats? No wonder they are taking more rights while the taking’s good [like this new move against private unions in WI]. No matter how bad things get, I get the feeling it will be seen as too wacky to call Scott Walker’s corporate-funded rights-squashing “fascism”. But that was Mussolini’s definition.

I think it’s time to find a nice Italian uniform from the 40’s for Scott Walker.

Here’s the full image of that email, by the way – Karl Rove nazi uniform photo included.

On a lighter note: Nice Ham, Karl
For the record, I did some looking around the net and I can find no evidence that Karl wears Nazi regalia (dang it). I didn’t even see goose stepping. [Do you think they’ll do any fancy goose stepping at this Saturday’s Day of Resistance and Gun Drills?]

Strictly for the record I will now share with you the other doctored Rove photos I did find during my hours minutes of internet research.

Let yourself have a laugh! If you’re from Wisconsin, you need it.

Aha. You’re still with me. About The Prebe…
February 4th, Michelle Malkin penned, “Who needs Obama and his Team Chicago to destroy the Tea Party when you’ve got Rove and his big government band of elites?”

After reading Michelle’s entertaining post, I double-checked to see if she was equally angry at Reince Priebus, ye ole Wisconsin boy making it big time as Republican Party president for a 2nd term, and found that she was not. Her rage against The Prebe for excluding Ron Paul delegates at last year’s convention and going along with rule changes had all disappeared. Priebus has mollifed the Paulistas and Malkin’s ilk by piling blame on the absent Mitt and promising god-knows-what-awful thing. Maybe something like electoral vote fixing, I don’t know.


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