The Weekly Cheddar

Oh so much to talk about in this weekly round-up of Wisco political news that I call “The Weekly Cheddar”.

I’m leaving shortly now to do actual walking in the actual fresh air far, far from a computer. Wish me luck and forgive me for my shortcomings in this [like no info. on the primaries] for I must skedaddle. Leave a comment with any stories you thought I really should have included. – blue cheddar

Transvaginal Invasion Imminent
Scott Fitzgerald said this about a forced ultrasound bill at a recent Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference: “This bill is a priority,” Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said. “It is long overdue.” – ReaderSupportedNews

And in other awful news for women, 4 Planned Parenthood clinics to close in WI. (Directly related to budget cuts by Walker, by the way)

Mine Bill

Surveys say….
A new poll says Wisconsin voters oppose the mine bill by a 33% margin – more at Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

WI small businesses, according to the NFIB, support the mine bill Feb 13 WI State Journal piece by Ron Seely

Do not delay: SEND YOUR OWN MESSAGE to Wisconsin’s state legislature HERE.

Mine Votes Incoming:
It looks like the WI state senate will vote on it Wednesday. Tuesday 6:45pm until 8:00pm: Solidarity Sing Along @ Vigil for the Water!- facebook event
[a Solidarity Sing Along event] “This vigil is on the evening before the Senate votes on SB1.”

Assembly to vote on it March 6, says Vos

I wouldn’t go with this title but, this is a good blog post nonetheless:
Iron County, It’s All About You! from WoodsPerson

Walker’s Budget – and the ensuing battle
My write-up on the budget

Scott Walker’s petition to support his own budget includes a handy form letter for writing to editors. SUGGESTION: erase his message and insert your own pointed memo. And send. Fun and easy!

This is a first in Milwaukee. Still – it ain’t over ’til it’s over.
Charge three officers, Derek Williams inquest jury recommends –

Analyst: Only Misdemeanor Charges in Derek Williams’ Inquest, But Officers “Not Out of the Woods” Lake Effect, WUWM

keywords: milwaukee police neighborhood watch copwatch police brutality wisconsin

Everybody’s figuring out that having a governor that turns down billions of dollars in federal money [again] is expensive for their state.

Walker Medicaid plan- it’s even more expensive than you thought — Jake Has a Blog

Scott Walker’s Medicaid plan unworkable, analyst says — Scott Bauer, AP,

Walker’s Medicaid gamble: Shrinking BadgerCare could cost Wisconsin in the long run – Joe Tarr, Isthmus
“In the first six months, Walker’s plan would initially save the state about $14 million, but then the cost begins to grow, to $28.4 million in 2015 and $72.8 million in 2020. It would cost the state an extra $320 million through 2020 — about $250 million more than the option to expand Medicaid.”

The article “What it’s like to go without health insurance” by Robert Mentzer is a good read and a good reminder of why it is we give such a shit about improving our threadbare healthcare. He speaks with several people who are suffering from health conditions without healthcare – such as Shalaina Aaron of Schofield who is in serious depression, is just recovered from cancer, and has a $50,000 medical bill from a broken leg. His conclusion:
“Walker’s plan is a complicated — and, it seems to me, risky — double-bankshot way of getting there. Like I said, it could work. But all the gears and creaky mechanisms in an already frustratingly complex and dysfunctional bureaucracy would have to work juuuust right.” –

Public education in Wisconsin is on the wire. Charters ‘n’ Vouchers
Walker has plans to expand charter schools to the entire state, not only Milwaukee [under certain conditions]. I know I am really not doing this topic justice in this post.

Here’s video of the press conference held by parents who came to the Capitol building to oppose the special needs vouchers Walker proposes.
02.18.13 | News Conference: Special Needs Vouchers – Video on Wisconsin Eye

Here’s an EdWeek piece making it clear that the public schools in Milwaukee are outperforming the voucher program schools. Milwaukee has been Wisconsin’s laboratoryfor voucher schools for some time – – so if they can’t prove their worth there – – why expand them to elsewhere in the state? — Milwaukee Public Schools Outperform Voucher Schools in Program, Report Says by Katie Ash

There ARE breaks in the Republican wall on this issue. GOP Senators Mike Ellis and Luther Olsen have been most public about their objections and little birdies tell me there are at least two other Republican senators with serious reservations about the expansion of charter schools to new areas in the state.

Contact your legislatures today, please. Thanks.

WMC Mess
Anonymous anarchists say they vandalized WMC’s ” arrogant, enormous office on the strip” and “extremely stupid corporate artwork” in solidarity with “Lake Superior”. I thought this was written by a right-winger but in the final analysis, I’ve changed my mind – I now think it was written by an anarchist. – source

Crooks-R-Us Incorporated Logisticare was going to leave WI. Then come back. Now its leaving. I hope for real this time
Access2Care and MTM Inc. are the only bidders with their sh*t somewhat together that are still in the process of vying to provide transportation services for Wisconsin’s Medicaid patients. M.J. Sentinel story

Is it safe to grow old in Wisconsin?
FDL Reporter, Capital Times,, Esquire, and have all recently published stories on nursing homes in Wisconsin based on the work of Sarah Karon. Her work stemmed from the WCIJ’s “A Frail System” project:
Families’ abilities to hold potentially negligent nursing facilities accountable have been diminished by a recent change in state law that bars records of abuse and neglect from use in the courts, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has found. The Center’s investigation also shows that some long-term care facilities are failing to report deaths and injuries, as required by law. LINK

Union attack 2.0
Legislation that could weaken private unions in Wisconsin is ‘in the works’. An attorney informed me that this is inflammatory stuff and that the federal gov’t would put the breaks on this plan. I responded with my concerns about the enforcer of fed. labor law – the NLRB – being unable to do its job of enforcement because it is under duress. More here. [I’ll be looking for more info on this move in WI]

Secretary of DHS Dennis Smith leaving for DC. GOP politico and DHS employee Kitty Rhoades to replace him. I have a post in the hopper on this 75% done. Jake has a brief post here: Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse


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