The Weekly Cheddar

This is just my weekly round-up of political news and opinion from around Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Senate President Mike Ellis proposes $400 million more for schools Apparently the Republicans are NOT going to keep bending over for Walker’s punishing agenda? This came out late on Friday. source=Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

More on the agenda Ellis is attempting to thwart can be found at Walker’s Plan for Wisconsin Public Schools: Make Them Private by Giles Goat Boy

Federal panel opens GOP computers in Wisconsin redistricting case
by Patrick Marley – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“A federal court gave groups suing the state broad access Monday to three computers used by the Legislature to develop Republican-friendly voting maps.

The Legislature “must make these three computers available in their entirety immediately” to the groups suing the state, the three judges wrote.” -source

Folks are making signs for Wisconsin candidate for state supreme court, Ed Fallone.

Here is Ed Fallone’s web site, by the way.


TAA union membership down to about a third from 2011 numbers
The graduate student teaching assistant union that was heavily involved in the protest and occupation in Madison two years ago has taken a big hit due to Wisconsin Act 10 [what was called “the budget repair bill” initially].
” the union currently has about 650 members, down from 2,000 before Walker took office.” More info at Isthmus

Stop with the “skills gap” nonsense.
“It’s simple, raise wages and you will attract people to jobs like welding. Offering $15/hr for an experienced welder is NOT how you attract people to the profession!” – More at Wisconsin Soap Box

Mark Pocan delivered his 1st congressional floor speech. Topic: The Sequester

A judge in Ozaukee County signed a Walker recall petition and now faces a more challenging reelection
Joe Voiland calls judge Wolgram’s signature “a gross display of politics outside of the courtroom”

Voiland’s tactics inspired a swell of support for Wolfrum

Oh hey! It’s Glenn “Stop Kwanzaa” Grothman again!
The corduroy-clad ultra-conservative Wisconsin state senator wants to stop renewable energy standards this time. PR Watch let us know how ALEC had a hand in this proposal.

The GOP-sponsored mine bill written by the Gogebic corporation passed by 1 vote.
What I wrote about that is here.

GOP Senator Dale Schultz spoke about that bill with SLY of WEKZ 93.7 FMListen online here.

Then the bill’s sponsor Senator Tom Tiffany admits:
“The bill reflects the reality of mining. There are going to be some impacts to the environment above the iron ore body,” said Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst. “If the law is challenged and ends up in court, the judge needs to know it was the Legislature’s intent to allow adverse (environmental) impacts. That way, a judge can’t find fault if the environment is impacted.” – source=Cap Times

On February 25, a coalition of elected officials delivered a press conference in Ashland, Wisconsin to voice opposition to the new GOP-sponsored open pit mining bill.

Watch live streaming video from indiancountrytv at

From that press conference: “Lake Superior holds 10% of fresh water supply of the world.” – Mayor of Ashland Read more at State-wide Opposition to Mining Bill Grows
February 26, 2013 by Barbara With

Bill McKibben spoke in Hayward last Saturday about our vanishing Winters
“…he spoke first about his love of winter. “The time of no friction….the default season here in the north, where we have more months without leaves on the trees than with leaves.” Leading into the many reasons why it is necessary to stem the tide of global warming, he told of an EPA report predicting a future where by mid-century there is no more skiing and snowmobiling in New England. He also noted in a later statement that the maple syrup season in his home state of Vermont “was a wreck” in 2012.”
IndianCountryTV has the entire talk.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau says that making Wisconsin open for mining business costs us a lot of money.
“Wisconsin Republicans’ divisive mining bill would cost the state more than $170 million that would be used for recycling and environmental protection every year, according to new projections.” – source=Green Bay Gazette
Here is the LRB’s report in PDF format.

A provision in Walker’s new budget allows for sale of over 640 acres to foreign investors. Source=WPR

DNR hearing on use of dogs to hunt wolves got heated and it appears that a leading wolf advocate was expelled from the room. [WI is the only state in the union that permits use of dogs to hunt wolves]
Despite massive public outcry the Natural Resources Board voted unanimously to continue the permanent “rule” making procedure for the use of wolves against dogs. They also decided not to consider any more “rules” for hounders at this time. One hounder representative even had the gall to act as though placing rules on their sadistic “sport” was “discrimination.”
– More info. at Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic
“The wolves can’t climb trees,” Fitzpatrick said. “They are going to turn and fight for their lives. And it’s going to be ugly.”

Poll suggests that Russ Feingold could take on Scott Walker in a campaign.
(As you already knew) No signs that Feingold would actually take up such an exploit. Source=TPM
More details straight from PPP [a PDF]

Wisconsin GOP operative Kyle Wood admits he beat himself with a rock (in a sock). Cops charge him with obstruction. No epic poems about this news have emerged yet to this blogger’s disappointment. More at channel3000

Walkergate investigation concludes.What I wrote.
Same day: Zielinski sends tasteless, ludicrous tweets

Dem Spokesman Compares Scott Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer
By Charlie Sykes CREATED Mar. 1

No Quarter Blog
My screen capture of the tweets

Shit Scott Walker Says
Scott “The Butcher” likes to cut? This is not news.
Walker downplays impact of federal cuts on Wis. – channel3000
“Gov. Scott Walker is downplaying the potential harm to Wisconsin’s economy from the federal spending cuts set to take effect Friday, calling the across-the-board cuts bad policy, but not economically crippling.”

Scott Walker says the GOP ‘would be wise’ to nominate a governor as a presidential candidate in 2016 [after he winks and says “hint hint”]
Toned-Down Walker Predicts Less ‘Intense’ Reelection Campaign – National Journal

Attempting to end on a positive note, here…
It was a boon to Madison’s fighting spirit to receive a visit from photographer and activist Jenna Pope. She is unfailingly unflappable and constantly capturing the photographs that tell you what you need to know.


Arrest of senate gallery attendee on evening of GOP mine bill vote. Photo by Jenna Pope.


While photographing an arrest in the Senate gallery, she was arrested briefly herself and then released. A note on that is here. She talked about that with Tony Castaneda on WORT FM. A link to that is HERE. 
Here’s her facebook profile. 
This is Jenna’s web site.

Photo by Jenna Pope

Pic below is by the talented and generous Callen Harty:

Jenna Pope. Photo by Callen Harty





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