Mirror, mirror on the facebook wall, who’s the freest freedom lover of them all?

1  Freedom Ferrous minnesota workers


There’s a new satirical pro-mining facebook page in Wisconsin called “Freedom Ferrous”, folks,  and its message is close enough to the real dig-a-hole-come-hell-or-high-sulfuric-runoff thing that readers are getting confused.    The page updates with absurd comments such as  “Sad but true, MN workers are more productive and have stronger family values.”

and “The Troops need iron for their armor. Mining supports the Troops.”

Some commenters clearly see through the site and others, do not.  Facebook user Tsavo wrote, “I would like to point out several flaws in your statement. There is no such thing as clean mining. You also say it will bring jobs. Most of the miners will be from MN and MI who already have previous experience… “

Now a right wing think tank in Wisconsin has added a new twist to this already confusing scenario by publishing the post, “UW Prof Tied to Group Promoting Seal Clubbing?”

magestic big joe lake
“seal clubbing for the kids”

One must read Freedom Ferrous’ brochure to learn that seal clubbing is planned for the faux group’s proposed mine site in Sauk County —  once extraction is complete and the pit is turned into ‘Majestic Big Joe Lake”.

According to MacIver Institute, Dr. Joseph Skulan is affiliated with Freedom Ferrous, and thus, with seal clubbing.  Skulan has taken offense and left a comment at MacIver’s site:

“The title of this article (UW Prof Tied to Group Promoting Seal
Clubbing?) is a scurrilous attack on my integrity. As is clearly
explained in the Freedom Ferrous brochure, “seal clubbing for the kids”
is only one of the activities that will be available at Big Joe Lake.
Adults will have an assortment of other amusements to choose from,
including porpoise hunting and cruises on our pleasure barges.
Big Joe Lake will be a wholesome destination for the whole family, and not

merely, as you imply, a place to take the little ones for a bit of fun.

I will pass over as undeserving of comment most of the other
inaccuracies in your article (you might want to look up the difference
between ‘geology’ and ‘geography.’
If you read all the way to the end of each word you’ll see that they are

different). However, I cannot leave unchallenged the imputation that
Freedom Ferrous is not serious about iron mining, that we are some kind
of joke. You should know that Freedom Ferrous’ plans for an iron mine in
Sauk County are as serious and well thought out as those of any company
currently proposing an iron mine in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin families need jobs, and nothing creates more jobs than iron mining. Mines help families. They also help the Troops.There is a miner on the Wisconsin flag. When the ferrous mining bill (or, as we at Freedom 
Ferrous prefer to call it, the Wisconsin Families Protection Act of 
2013) passes and is signed into law, Wisconsin’s proud mining heritage 
will be renewed. The Great Circle of Life will be restored, and a golden
age of jobs and prosperity will begin.

In short, we are not crooks and have no intention of bilking anyone out of anything.”


UW Prof Tied to Group Promoting Seal Clubbing? MacIver News Service | March 6, 2013

Freedom Ferrous facebook page

Text from the Freedom Ferrous America’s Mine web site:  “God has gifted Sauk County with the Freedom Formation, one of the largest iron ore deposits in Wisconsin. Thanks to recent changes in Wisconsin Law, this gift is now within reach. Freedom Ferrous will use safe modern mine technology to unearth God’s bounty and transform it into good jobs for Wisconsin families. Our state of the art shaftless iron production facility (SIPF) will produce approximately 20 million tons of medium and high grade iron ore every year, more than any other mine in the United States. That’s enough iron to make 15 million automobiles. The facility also will produce over 50 million tons of limestone annually. The SIPF will operate for 30-35 years. After that, the excavated area will be allowed to fill with water, giving Sauk County one final gift: the sportsman’s paradise of pristine Big Joe Lake.”


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