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Here’s another edition of my round-up of Wisconsin political news. If I missed something major, please leave a comment about it.

Public Education for K-12 is–

— on the chopping block.  More on that here:
Walker’s budget is a school killer; legislative Republicans propose a severe beating instead

And here: ‘This is an all-out attack on public education’: “SIREN—Those were the sentiments of Scott Johnson, district administrator for the Siren Schools to his school board Monday night.He was referring to the 2013-15 budget proposal released by Governor Scott Walker last week.”

There’s some weak compromise sauce from Walker.   Nobody is talking about pulling the vouchers altogether and nobody is talking about refusing to vote for the budget at all (the voucher language is tucked into the state’s budget):  Walker signals willingness to modify voucher expansion» Income Tax Tradeoffs

Walker’s rent-to-own Wisconsin  This budget is a landfill of surprises, isn’t it?:

“Republican Gov. Scott Walker has quietly tucked provisions into his executive budget that would free rent-to-own businesses from Wisconsin’s consumer protection act, ensuring they wouldn’t have to disclose what industry opponents say are exorbitant interest rates.”  More info at

Signs of spring and the April election  Case Students Register to Vote for April Election – Caledonia, WI Patch

Frac  Sand Free-for-all  Wisconsin is fortunate that the Minnesota blog Bluestem Prairie sometimes turns her attention towards Wisconsin’s struggle with rapacious frac sand miners. This piece critiques of Kate Prengaman’s work at Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism:  Bluestem Prairie: Best practices: permit violations article aids pro-sand mining “growing pains” narrative

Good for laughs: Bitter Right Wing Blogger Slams Bitter Reporter
A conservative man rages at the journalistic machine. Keywords: John Doe investigation and Zielinski.  
AP’s Bauer Bitterly Covers Scott Walker’s Exoneration, Ignores Disgusting Dem Official’s ‘Dahmer’ Reaction | NewsBusters
MJS employees reveal more  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writers Stein and Marley reveal more Wisconsin political information than they originally divulged in the newspaper.  An excerpt from their book appeared in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
There was more to Scott Walker’s fight with unions than speeches and protests
 and in a free Madison weekly called  “The Isthmus
Stein and Marley were also interviewed by Steve Walters at WisEye: Event Detail
Sequester Touches Something Tom Still Cares About   Tom Still: Sequester puts research funds in peril : Wsj

Wisconsin Supreme Court Stories  Roggensack sent a letter that she wanted all the justices to sign off on.   Sort of a let’s-drop-all-allegations-of-choking-thing with the added weirdness that Roggensack says in it that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has amended statutes governing the Judicial Commission “several times”.  Abrahamson replies that they never have done that.  As far as I can tell, that’s the job of the legislature.

That aspect of the story does not make it into Patrick Marley’s story and the title of his story makes Ms. Roggensack sound like a nice lady, doesn’t it?:
After incident between colleagues, Roggensack offered joint letter of apology to citizens
Here are the letters for your examination:
and then this
Chief justice says Prosser never apologized for “bitch” comment – JSOnline 
Nice Lady Judge Roggensack Rewarded by Realtors:   “The Wisconsin Realtors Association plans to spend more than $200,000 to reelect a state Supreme Court justice who voted to approve court rules the group helped write that say justices don’t have to remove themselves from cases involving parties who helped get them elected.” – More on this at the Big Money Blog 

Judge and Would-be-judge Faced Off  Candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court Fallone and Roggensack  hashed things out at a March 6th forum.  Here’s WisEye footage. 

No more 10-day delay between the passage of a WI bill and when it hits Walker’s desk annnnnd here comes union workshares  Assembly passes on bill on reducing workers’ hours, and secretary of state powers

Whole lotta state party shakin’ going on (about time).  State Democratic Leadership Against Labor? | FDLFVR

Rep. Brett Hulsey haunted by troubles   Rep. Hulsey’s assistant got scared of him and a cop reported him for having a box cutter.

You can read the police report for yourself: Wisconsin Capitol Police Hulsey Report 021713
Hulsey’s responded  in a Wisconsin State Journal Story that his wife left him recently and he has PTSD stemming from child abuse. 
Finally.  Walker and Vos backpedal on the 2010 election promise of 250,000 jobs [the equivalent of zero percent unemployment in Wisconsin] 
The Badger Herald · Walker backs off job growth promise
Vos edges away from Walker’s 250,000 jobs pledge – Milwaukee – The Business Journal
No legal protection for your grandma in the nursing home but ZYGOTES?  They are concern number one.   Wisconsin Assembly bill would recognize an unviable fetus as a person in wrongful death lawsuits – Isthmus | The Daily Page
And now for some MADISON news
Cash fad fades on East side  Local businesses (finally) take plastic thanks to new tech : Ct
Attorney and former Laotian refugee sticks neck out to aid Madison “refugees” (homeless) under threat of over $10,000 in fines  Forward Lookout | Property Owner Willing to Stand Up to City!
 Fight on, brother and sister Badgers.  Fight on. 

protest continues
Ron Wiecki’s photo appears here under the Creative Commons license.


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