Van Hollen is denied. Ruling that knocks down portions of WI Act 10 and 32 stands.

A request for a stay on Judge Colas’ ruling has been denied for the second time today. Thus, there are portions of Wisconsin Act 10 and 32 that retain the status “unconstitutional”- which means you can drive large trucks through them and not scratch the paint job (layperson’s interpretation, there).

The game ain’t over but that’s a nice score.

soccer gif

WEAC President Mary Bell said in a statement released today that,
“The court’s finding sends a strong message to school districts that now is the time to act and bargain in good faith with local associations. Our schools will succeed when we all come together and find solutions. That means giving educators a voice and seat at the table to make decisions in the best interest of our local students and schools.”

Readers may remember that back on September 14th of 2012, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas determined that Scott Walker’s union-busting laws Wisconsin Act 10 and Act 32 are, in parts, unconstitutional by federal and/or Wisconsin constitutions.

As reported today by the AP:

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked the 4th District Court of Appeals to place the September ruling of Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas on hold while an appeal is pending. Colas refused in October, and the appeals court on Tuesday upheld that decision.

The appeals court says it sees “no basis to set aside the circuit court’s decision that a stay was not warranted.”

For a refresher on Colas’ ruling, see Verdict: Walker took constitutional rights to speech, association, equality, home rule


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