“I felt an obligation for all the people who couldn’t be there” – Scott Prouty, guy who filmed the 47% video

He’s gone public.
A bartender by the name of Scott Prouty is the guy who got that Mitt Romney 47% video. You need to watch this interview.

David Corn said “For months, he and I shared a big secret and repeatedly discussed whether he should go public or stay hidden.”

I’ve embedded one of several videos available at the Ed Show’s site.

“The people that were there that night paid $50,000 for dinner… I felt an obligation in a way to release it. I felt an obligation for all the people who couldn’t be there. You shouldn’t have to afford to pay $50,000 to hear what a candidate actually thinks.” – Scott Prouty

The thing that really pushed Prouty over the edge was hearing Mitt’s story about visiting China and seeing those worker dormitories, seeing those girls working with heads bent down – too afraid to look at him. Hearing Romney say that the razor wire all around the work compound was to keep people from coming onto the work floor.
He recognized how absurd and frightening Mitt Romney was.

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