The “amazing beauty” of open pit mines vs. Wisconsin’s Penokees

This is truly a must-see video. It’s entitled “Does iron mining cause destruction or ‘amazing beauty'”. No, it is not from a mockumentary.
That video appeared on every single Gannett-owned web site in Wisconsin on March 18th.

Then take a look at the photographs of the proposed mine site further down in the post.

Words fail me. Hopefully these photographs speak for themselves.

joel austin picture




That video appeared with the Gannett article “After decades of mining, industry remains unpredictable”

Yet more photos are at Big Bear Sundries: web site

And at Stonehouse Photos: web sitefacebook page

All photographs appear here with the permission of the photographers.
The first is by Joel Austin.
The last three are by Pete Rasmussen.
See more of Pete’s photos in a larger set at The Penokee Hills Education Project.

In case you need a map —
MAP Bad_River_Watershed_and_Penokee_Ore_Body_map


One thought on “The “amazing beauty” of open pit mines vs. Wisconsin’s Penokees

  1. WHO is that woman who loves open pit mines? Maybe she has breathed too much silt.
    NOTHING grows in these places.
    Minnesota fishermen aren’t driving north to MN anymore.. they are driving to Canada!
    The fine particled pollution from taconite mining causes cancer. Pure and simple.
    The sulphuric acid has created a 100 miles dead zone in the St. Louis River where no more wild rice grows.
    Wake up.

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